'addereth <0155>

trda 'addereth

Origin:f of 0117
Reference:TWOT - 28c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:trda 5, wtrda 3, trdak 1, Mtrda 1, trdah 1, wtrdab 1
In NET:robe 5, cloak 3, garment 2, beautiful 1, magnificence 1
In AV:mantle 5, garment 4, glory 1, goodly 1, robe 1
Definition:1) glory, cloak
1a) glory, splendour, magnificence (of a vine, shepherds)
1b) mantle, cloak made of fur or fine material
1b1) prophet's garment
feminine of 117; something ample (as a large vine, a wide
dress); also the same as 145:-garment, glory, goodly,
mantle, robe.
see HEBREW for 0117
see HEBREW for 0145

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