g@lah (Aramaic) <01541>

hlg g@lah (Aramaic) or alg g@la' (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:ghel-aw' ghel-aw'
Origin:corresponding to 01540
Reference:TWOT - 2656
In Hebrew:ylgh 2, ylg 2, alg 2, hlgw 1, algml 1, algw 1
In NET:reveals 2, revealed 2, revealer 2, deported 1, reveal 1, exiled 1
In AV:reveal 7, brought over 1, carried away 1
Definition:1) to reveal
1a) (P'al) to reveal (secrets), be revealed
1b) (Aphel) to take into exile
(Aramaic) or glat (Aramaic) {ghel-aw'}; corresponding to
1540:-bring over, carry away, reveal.
see HEBREW for 01540

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