gay' <01516>

ayg gay' or (shortened) yg gay

Pronunciation:gah'-ee gah'-ee
Origin:probably from the same root as 01466 (abbreviated), Greek 1067 geenna
Reference:TWOT - 343
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime
In Hebrew:ayg 15, aygb 13, yg 9, aygh 6, ygb 3, aygw 2, twyaglw 2, twyagh 2, ygbw 1, *twyaglw {tyaglw} 1, ygl 1, ayghw 1, twyag 1, yghw 1, *twyagh {twaygh} 1, Kytwagw 1
In NET:Valley 30, valley 19, valleys 8, Ge 1
In AV:valley 60
Definition:1) valley, a steep valley, narrow gorge
or (shortened) gay {gah'-ee}; probably (by transmutation)
from the same root as 1466 (abbreviated); a gorge (from its
lofty sides; hence, narrow, but not a gully or
see HEBREW for 01466
in Bible:
Valley Gate (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV, TEV)

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