gechel <01513>

lxg gechel or (fem.) tlxg gacheleth

Pronunciation:geh'-khel gah-kheh'-leth
Origin:from an unused root
Reference:TWOT - 341a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Mylxg 5, ylxg 4, ylxgw 2, Mylxgh 1, hylxg 1, Mylxgl 1, ytlxg 1, wylxg 1, tlxg 1, ylxgk 1
In NET:coals 15, coal 1, hot coals 1
In AV:coals 17, coals of fire 1
Definition:1) coal, burning coal, coals of fire, hot coals
or (feminine) gacheleth {gah-kheh'-leth}; from an unused root
meaning to glow or kindle; an ember:-(burning) coal.

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