gowral <01486>

lrwg gowral or (shortened) lrg goral

Pronunciation:go-rawl' go-ral'
Origin:from an unused root meaning to be rough (as stone)
Reference:TWOT - 381a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:lrwgh 24, lrwgb 15, lrwg 14, twlrwg 8, Mlrwg 3, Klrwg 3, lrwgw 2, twlrwgb 1, Klrgl 1, lrgmw 1, wlrwg 1, twlrwghw 1, ylrwgb 1, ylrwg 1, Klrwgb 1
In NET:lot 29, lots 17, allotted 16, allotment 4, dice 2, destiny 1, drawing lots 1, fate 1, object 1, make future secure 1, toss of a coin 1, out 1
In AV:lot 77
Definition:1) lot
1a) lot - pebbles used for systematically making decisions
2) portion
2a) lot, portion (thing assigned by casting lots)
2b) recompense, retribution
or (shortened) goral {go-ral'}; from an unused root meaning
to be rough (as stone); properly, a pebble, i.e. a lot (small
stones being used for that purpose); figuratively, a portion
or destiny (as if determined by lot):-lot.

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