Bath-Shuwa` <01340>

ewv-tb Bath-Shuwa`

Origin:from 01323 and 07771
PrtSpch:noun proper feminime
In Hebrew:ews 1
In NET:Bathsheba 1
In AV:Bathshua 1, variant for Shua 1
Definition:Bath-shua = "daughter of wealth"

1) the wife of Uriah whom David had murdered, having had adulterous
relations with her; subsequently wife of David and mother of Solomon,
Shimea, Shobab, and Nathan (alternate spelling to 'Bathsheba')
2) wife of Judah
from 1323 and 7771; daughter of wealth; Bath-shua, the same
as 1339:-Bath-shua.
see HEBREW for 01323
see HEBREW for 07771
see HEBREW for 01339
in Bible:
Bath-shua (NASB, NRSV)
Bath-Shua (KJV, TEV)
Bathsheba (NET)
Bathshua (NET, NIV)

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