bath <01324>

tb bath

Origin:probably from the same as 01327, Greek 943 batov
Reference:TWOT - 298a
PrtSpch:noun masculine or feminime
In Hebrew:tbh 3, tb 3, Mytb 3, Mytbh 2, tbw 1, tbhw 1
In NET:gallons 3, bath 3, baths 2, 12,000 gallons 1, 18,000 gallons 1, 240 gallons 1, liquid 1
In AV:bath 13
Definition:1) bath, a unit of liquid measure, equal to dry measure ephah
(about 9 imperial gallons or 40 litres, rabbinical writings
give sizes of one-half this amount)
probably from the same as 1327; a bath or Hebrew measure (as
a means of division) of liquids:-bath.
see HEBREW for 01327

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