basar <01319>

rsb basar

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 291
In Hebrew:rvbm 5, rvbl 3, wrvb 2, rvbt 2, trvbm 2, hrvbaw 1, rvb 1, rvbmh 1, trvbw 1, ytrvb 1, twrvbmh 1, wrvbt 1, rvbmk 1, rvbty 1, wrvby 1
In NET:messenger 3, herald 3, bringing good news 2, Announce 2, bringing news 1, announce 1, brought him the news 1, bear good news 1, give good news 1, proclaiming the news 1, singing 1, proclaiming 1, told 1, women 1, spread the news 1
In AV:tidings 16, show forth 3, publish 3, messenger 1, preached 1
Definition:1) to bear news, bear tidings, publish, preach, show forth
1a) (Piel)
1a1) to gladden with good news
1a2) to bear news
1a3) to announce (salvation) as good news, preach
1b) (Hithpael) to receive good news
a primitive root; properly, to be fresh, i.e. full (rosy,
(figuratively) cheerful); to announce (glad news):-messenger,
preach, publish, shew forth, (bear, bring, carry, preach,
good, tell good) tidings.

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