Ba`aley Y@huwdah <01184>

hdwhy yleb Ba`aley Y@huwdah

Pronunciation:bah-al-ay' yeh-hoo-daw'
Origin:from the pl. of 01167 and 03063
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:hdwhy 1
In NET:Baalah in Judah 1
In AV:Baale of Judah 1
Definition:Baale-Judah = "the lords of Judah"

1) a place in Judah named for the Baalim, also known as Kirjath-jearim,
Kirjath-baal; modern Kuriet el Enab
from the plural of 1167 and 3063; masters of Judah;
Baale-Jehudah, a place in Palestine:-Baale of Judah.
see HEBREW for 01167
see HEBREW for 03063
in Bible:
Baalah** in Judah (NET)
Baale Judah (NIV)
Baale-judah (NASB, NRSV)
Baale-Judah (KJV, TEV)

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