bal <01077>

lb bal

Origin:from 01086
Reference:TWOT - 246d
In Hebrew:lb 62, lbw 9, Nwvey 1
In NET:not 35, never 7, cannot 7, no 5, barely 3, none 2, terrible 1, won't 1, No 1, don't 1, immovable 1, worthless 1, nothing 1, stays put 1, nor 1
In AV:none, not, nor, lest, nothing, not, neither, no
Definition:1) not, hardly, else
from 1086; properly, a failure; by implication nothing;
usually (adverb) not at all; also lest:-lest, neither, no,
none (that...), not (any), nothing.
see HEBREW for 01086

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