Beyth Ba`al M@`own <01010>

Nwem leb tyb Beyth Ba`al M@`own or (short.) Nwem tyb Beyth M@'own

Pronunciation:bayth bah'-al me-own' bayth me-own'
Origin:from 01004 and 01168 and 04583
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:Nwem 2
In NET:Beth Baal Meon 1, Beth Meon 1
In AV:Bethbaalmeon 1, Bethmeon 1
Definition:Beth-baal-meon = "house of Baal"

1) a city in the territory of Reuben
from 1004 and 1168 and 4583; house of Baal of (the)
habitation of (apparently by transposition); or (shorter)
Beyth M own {bayth me-own'}; house of habitation of (Baal);
Beth- Baal-Meon, a place in Palestine:-Beth-baal-meon.
Compare 1186 and 1194.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 01168
see HEBREW for 04583
see HEBREW for 01186
see HEBREW for 01194
in Bible:
Baal Meon (NIV)
Baal-meon (NRSV)
Beth Baal Meon (NET, NIV)
Beth Meon (NET, NIV)
Beth-Baal-Meon (KJV, TEV)
Beth-baal-meon (NASB, NRSV)
Beth-Meon (KJV, TEV)
Beth-meon (NASB)

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