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(1.00) (Gal 1:7)

tn Or “trying.”

(0.70) (Luk 11:52)

tn Or “you tried to prevent.”

(0.70) (Job 34:3)

tn Or “examines; tests; tries; discerns.”

(0.60) (Luk 20:19)

tn Grk “tried to lay hands on him.”

(0.50) (Luk 19:3)

tn Grk “He was trying to see who Jesus was.”

(0.50) (Luk 17:33)

tn Or “tries to preserve”; Grk “seeks to gain.”

(0.50) (Deu 4:34)

tn Heb “tried to go to take for himself.”

(0.40) (Act 25:10)

tn That is, tried by an imperial representative and subject to Roman law.

(0.40) (Act 7:26)

tn Or “tried to reconcile” (BDAG 964-65 s.v. συναλλάσσω).

(0.40) (Est 8:7)

tn Heb “sent forth his hand”; NAB, NIV “attacked”; NLT “tried to destroy.” Cf. 9:2.

(0.35) (Psa 32:4)

sn You tried to destroy me. The psalmist’s statement reflects his perspective. As far as he was concerned, it seemed as if the Lord was trying to kill him.

(0.35) (Eph 5:10)

tn BDAG 255 s.v. δοκιμάζω 1 translates δοκιμάζοντες (dokimazontes) in Eph 5:10 as “try to learn.”

(0.35) (Gen 33:11)

tn Heb “blessing.” It is as if Jacob is trying to repay what he stole from his brother twenty years earlier.

(0.30) (Gal 5:4)

tn Or “trying to be justified.” The verb δικαιοῦσθε (dikaiousthe) has been translated as a conative present (see ExSyn 534).

(0.30) (Luk 23:22)

sn The refrain of innocence comes once again. Pilate tried to bring some sense of justice, believing Jesus had committed no crime deserving death.

(0.30) (Luk 11:52)

sn You have taken away the key to knowledge is another stinging rebuke. They had done the opposite of what they were trying to do.

(0.30) (Mar 5:28)

tn The imperfect verb is here taken iteratively, for the context suggests that the woman was trying to muster up the courage to touch Jesus’ cloak.

(0.30) (Mat 9:21)

tn The imperfect verb is here taken iteratively (“kept saying”), for the context suggests that the woman was trying to find the courage to touch Jesus’ cloak.

(0.30) (Jer 38:18)

sn Zedekiah held out this hope of escape until the end. He tried to escape but was unsuccessful (cf. 39:4-5).

(0.30) (Psa 32:3)

tn Heb “my bones became brittle.” The psalmist pictures himself as aging and growing physically weak. Trying to cover up his sin brought severe physical consequences.

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