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(1.00) (Lev 27:31)

tn Heb “its one-fifth on it.”

(0.94) (Rev 16:10)

tn Grk “the fifth”; the referent (the fifth angel) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

(0.82) (Eze 8:1)

tc The LXX reads “In the sixth year, in the fifth month, on the fifth of the month.”

(0.82) (Pro 31:14)

tn The first word of the fifth line begins with ה (he), the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

(0.71) (Gen 30:17)

tn Heb “and she bore for Jacob a fifth son,” i.e., this was the fifth son that Leah had given Jacob.

(0.67) (Jer 52:31)

sn The twenty-fifth day would be March 20, 561 b.c. in modern reckoning.

(0.67) (2Ki 25:27)

sn The parallel account in Jer 52:31 has “twenty-fifth.”

(0.67) (1Ki 6:31)

tn Heb “the pillar, doorposts, a fifth part” (the precise meaning of this description is uncertain).

(0.67) (Jos 19:24)

tn Heb “and the fifth lot came out for the tribe of the sons of Asher.”

(0.58) (Exo 30:13)

sn The half shekel weight of silver would be about one-fifth of an ounce (6 grams).

(0.50) (Rev 16:10)

tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “so that” to indicate the implied result of the fifth bowl being poured out.

(0.50) (Eze 1:1)

sn The Kebar River is mentioned in Babylonian texts from the city of Nippur in the fifth century b.c. It provided artificial irrigation from the Euphrates.

(0.50) (Pro 22:29)

sn The fifth saying affirms that true skill earns recognition and advancement (cf. Instruction of Amenemope, chap. 30, 27:16-17 [ANET 424]).

(0.50) (Lev 5:15)

sn The sanctuary shekel was about 10 grams (= ca. two-fifths of an ounce; J. E. Shepherd, NIDOTTE 4:237-38).

(0.50) (Gen 41:34)

tn Heb “and he shall collect a fifth of the land of Egypt.” The language is figurative (metonymy); it means what the land produces, i.e., the harvest.

(0.42) (Eze 8:1)

sn In the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the fifth of the month would be September 17, 592 b.c., about fourteen months after the initial vision.

(0.42) (Exo 5:18)

sn B. Jacob is amazed at the wealth of this tyrant’s vocabulary in describing the work of others. Here, תֹכֶן (tokhen) is another word for “quota” of bricks, the fifth word used to describe their duty (Exodus, 137).

(0.35) (Lev 22:14)

sn When a person trespassed in regard to something sacred to the Lord, reparation was to be made for the trespass, involving restitution of that which was violated plus one-fifth of its value as a fine. It is possible that the restoration of the offering and the additional one-fifth of its value were made as a monetary payment (see, e.g., B. A. Levine, Leviticus [JPSTC], 150). See the regulations for the “guilt offering” in Lev 5:16; 6:5 [5:24 HT] and the notes there.

(0.33) (Act 19:4)

sn These disciples may have had their contact with John early on in the Baptist’s ministry before Jesus had emerged. This is the fifth time Luke links John the Baptist and Jesus (Acts 1:5; 11:16; 13:25; 18:25).

(0.33) (Luk 17:25)

sn The Son of Man’s suffering and rejection by this generation is another “it is necessary” type of event in God’s plan (Luke 4:43; 24:7, 26, 44) and the fifth passion prediction in Luke’s account (9:22, 44; 12:50; 13:32-33; for the last, see 18:32-33).

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