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(1.00) (Jon 4:11)

tn Heb “and many animals.”

(1.00) (Neh 2:12)

tn Heb “the animal.”

(1.00) (Exo 22:31)

tn Or “by wild animals.”

(0.87) (Isa 43:20)

tn Heb “animals of the field.”

(0.87) (Lev 17:13)

tn Heb “[wild] game of animal.”

(0.87) (Gen 3:1)

tn Heb “animals of the field.”

(0.75) (Psa 73:22)

tn Heb “an animal I was with you.”

(0.75) (Job 39:15)

tn Heb “an animal of the field.”

(0.75) (2Ki 14:9)

tn Heb “the animal of the field.”

(0.75) (Exo 21:34)

tn Here the term “animal” has been supplied.

(0.71) (Luk 10:34)

sn His own animal refers to a riding animal, presumably a donkey, but not specified.

(0.71) (Lev 17:13)

tn That is, it must be a clean animal, not an unclean animal (cf. Lev 11).

(0.62) (Joh 10:10)

tn That is, “to slaughter” (in reference to animals).

(0.62) (Lev 24:18)

tn Heb “And one who strikes a soul of an animal.”

(0.62) (Lev 7:21)

sn For these categories of unclean animals see Lev 11.

(0.62) (1Ki 1:39)

sn A horn filled with oil. An animal’s horn was used as an oil flask in the anointing ceremony.

(0.54) (Lev 26:22)

tn Heb “the animal of the field.” This collective singular has been translated as a plural. The expression “animal of the field” refers to a wild (i.e., nondomesticated) animal.

(0.53) (Mat 21:5)

tn Grk “the foal of an animal under the yoke,” i.e., a hard-working animal. This is a quotation from Zech 9:9.

(0.53) (Lev 11:39)

tn This word for “animal” refers to land animal quadrupeds, not just any beast that dwells on the land (cf. 11:2).

(0.53) (Gen 37:20)

tn The Hebrew word can sometimes carry the nuance “evil,” but when used of an animal it refers to a dangerous wild animal.

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