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Psalms 82:2-3


82:2 He says, 1  “How long will you make unjust legal decisions

and show favoritism to the wicked? 2  (Selah)

82:3 Defend the cause of the poor and the fatherless! 3 

Vindicate the oppressed and suffering!

1 tn The words “he says” are supplied in the translation to indicate that the following speech is God’s judicial decision (see v. 1).

2 tn Heb “and the face of the wicked lift up.”

3 tn The Hebrew noun יָתוֹם (yatom) refers to one who has lost his father (not necessarily his mother, see Ps 109:9). Because they were so vulnerable and were frequently exploited, fatherless children are often mentioned as epitomizing the oppressed (see Pss 10:14; 68:5; 94:6; 146:9; as well as Job 6:27; 22:9; 24:3, 9; 29:12; 31:17, 21).

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