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Numbers 7:10-11

The Time of Presentation

7:10 The leaders offered 1  gifts 2  for 3  the dedication 4  of the altar when it was anointed. 5  And the leaders presented 6  their offering before the altar. 7:11 For the Lord said to Moses, “They must present their offering, one leader for each day, 7  for the dedication of the altar.”

1 tn The verse begins with the preterite and vav (ו) consecutive: “and they offered.”

2 tn The direct object, “gifts,” is implied but not actually stated in the Hebrew text. It has been supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons and for clarity.

3 tn The sign of the accusative here must indicate an adverbial accusative and not the direct object; they offered their gifts for the dedication of the altar.

4 sn Some commentators take the word “dedication” in the sense of a dedication gift, and so make it the direct object. Many modern scholars assume that this is a late word, belonging only in P, the Chronicler, and the heading of Ps 30 (a Davidic psalm).

5 tn The adverbial clause uses the Niphal infinitive construct as the main verb. The word is the well-known מָשַׁח (mashakh, “to anoint, smear”).

6 tn Heb “offered,” but this is redundant and has been translated as “presented” for stylistic reasons. The same phrase occurs in vv. 11 and 12.

7 tn The distributive sense is achieved by repetition: “one leader for the day, one leader for the day.”

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