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Luke 16:11-12

16:11 If then you haven’t been trustworthy 1  in handling worldly wealth, 2  who will entrust you with the true riches? 3  16:12 And if you haven’t been trustworthy 4  with someone else’s property, 5  who will give you your own 6 ?

1 tn Or “faithful.”

2 tn Grk “the unrighteous mammon.” See the note on the phrase “worldly wealth” in v. 9.

3 sn Entrust you with the true riches is a reference to future service for God. The idea is like 1 Cor 9:11, except there the imagery is reversed.

4 tn Or “faithful.”

5 tn Grk “have not been faithful with what is another’s.”

6 tn Grk “what is your own.”

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