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Luke 15:1-2

The Parable of the Lost Sheep and Coin

15:1 Now all the tax collectors 1  and sinners were coming 2  to hear him. 15:2 But 3  the Pharisees 4  and the experts in the law 5  were complaining, 6  “This man welcomes 7  sinners and eats with them.”

1 sn See the note on tax collectors in 3:12.

2 tn Grk “were drawing near.”

3 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “but” to indicate the contrast present in this context.

4 sn See the note on Pharisees in 5:17.

5 tn Or “and the scribes.” See the note on the phrase “experts in the law” in 5:21.

6 tn Or “grumbling”; Grk “were complaining, saying.” The participle λέγοντες (legontes) is redundant in contemporary English and has not been translated.

7 tn Or “accepts,” “receives.” This is not the first time this issue has been raised: Luke 5:27-32; 7:37-50.

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