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Leviticus 19:29

19:29 Do not profane your daughter by making her a prostitute, 1  so that the land does not practice prostitution and become full of lewdness. 2 

Leviticus 20:14

20:14 If a man has sexual intercourse with both a woman and her mother, 3  it is lewdness. 4  Both he and they must be burned to death, 5  so there is no lewdness in your midst.

1 tn Heb “to make her practice harlotry.” Some recent English versions regard this as religious or temple prostitution (cf. TEV, CEV).

2 tn Heb “and the land become full of lewdness.” Regarding the term “lewdness,” see the note on Lev 18:17 above.

3 tn Heb “And a man who takes a woman and her mother.” The Hebrew verb “to take” in this context means “to engage in sexual intercourse.”

4 tn Regarding “lewdness,” see the note on Lev 18:17 above.

5 tn Heb “in fire they shall burn him and them.” The active plural verb sometimes requires a passive translation (GKC 460 §144.f, g), esp. when no active plural subject has been expressed in the context. The present translation specifies “burned to death” because the traditional rendering “burnt with fire” (KJV, ASV; NASB “burned with fire”) could be understood to mean “branded” or otherwise burned, but not fatally.

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