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Jeremiah 25:33


25:33 Those who have been killed by the Lord at that time

will be scattered from one end of the earth to the other.

They will not be mourned over, gathered up, or buried. 1 

Their dead bodies will lie scattered over the ground like manure.

Jeremiah 49:32


49:32 Their camels will be taken as plunder.

Their vast herds will be taken as spoil.

I will scatter to the four winds

those desert peoples who cut their hair short at the temples. 2 

I will bring disaster against them

from every direction,” says the Lord. 3 

1 sn The intent here is to emphasize the large quantity of those who are killed – there will be too many to insure proper mourning rites and proper burial.

2 tn See the translator’s note at Jer 9:26 and compare the usage in 9:26 and 25:23.

3 tn Heb “Oracle of the Lord.”

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