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Ephesians 3:14-15

Prayer for Strengthened Love

3:14 For this reason 1  I kneel 2  before the Father, 3  3:15 from 4  whom every family 5  in heaven and on the earth is named.

1 sn For this reason resumes the point begun in v. 1, after a long parenthesis.

2 tn Grk “I bend my knees.”

3 tc Most Western and Byzantine witnesses, along with a few others (א2 D F G Ψ 0278 1881 Ï lat sy), have “of our Lord Jesus Christ” after “Father,” but such an edifying phrase cannot explain the rise of the reading that lacks it, especially when the shorter reading is attested by early and important witnesses such as Ì46 א* A B C P 6 33 81 365 1175 1739 co Or Hier.

4 tn Or “by.”

5 tn Or “the whole family.”

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