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Map 9

Coastal Plain and Shephelah

XY Place Name NET G
A1 Aijalon Valley 1
B4 Ashdod 20
C4 Ashkelon 12
C1 Azekah 7
F3 Beer Sheba 33
B1 Beth Shemesh 20
D2 Betogabris 0
E1 Eglon 15
B2 Ekron 20
C1 Elah Valley 3
C2 Gath 39
E5 Gaza 20
F4 Gerar 10
B1 Gezer 14
A3 Jamnia 2
D2 Lachish 22
C1 Socoh 4
B1 Sorek Valley 1
B2 Timnah 12
B4 Azotus 1
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