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Definite Article
6360 in 4365 verses (in OT : 5410 in 3621 verses) (in NT : 950 in 744 verses)


yourpron. & a. [OE. your, , eowr, eower, AS. eówer, originally used as the gen. of ge, , ye; akin to OFries. iuwer your, OS. iuwar, D. uw, OHG. iuwēr, G. euer, Icel. y&edh;ar, Goth. izwara, izwar, and E. you. √189. See You.].
     The form of the possessive case of the personal pronoun you.  [1913 Webster]
    " The possessive takes the form yours when the noun to which it refers is not expressed, but implied; as, this book is yours. “An old fellow of yours.”"  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]


your, poss.pron. (attrib.)
1 of or belonging to you or yourself or yourselves (your house; your own business).
2 colloq. usu. derog. much talked of; well known (none so fallible as your self-styled expert).

OE eower genit. of ge YE(1)

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