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206 in 168 verses (in OT : 167 in 133 verses) (in NT : 39 in 35 verses)


uncleana. [AS. uncl. See Unnot, and Clean.].
  •  Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Ceremonially impure; needing ritual cleansing.  [1913 Webster]
    "He that toucheth the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Morally impure.  Perkins.  [1913 Webster]
Unclean animals (Script.), those which the Israelites were forbidden to use for food. -- Unclean spirit (Script.), a wicked spirit; a demon. Mark i. 27.


unclean, adj.
1 not clean.
2 unchaste.
3 unfit to be eaten; ceremonially impure.
4 Bibl. (of a spirit) wicked.

uncleanly adv. uncleanly adj. uncleanliness n. uncleanness n.
OE uncl{aelig}ne (as UN-(1), CLEAN)



Adamic, Fescennine, Rabelaisian, abominable, arrant, atrocious, awful, backsliding, base, bawdy, beastly, beneath contempt, besmirched, black, blameworthy, blue, brutal, carnal, common, contaminated, contemptible, corrupted, defiled, deplorable, despicable, detestable, dire, dirty, disgusting, dreadful, egregious, enormous, erring, fallen, fetid, filthy, flagrant, fleshly, foul, foul-mouthed, foul-spoken, foul-tongued, frail, fulsome, grievous, gross, grubby, hateful, heinous, horrible, horrid, immoral, impure, indecent, infamous, infected, infirm, ithyphallic, lamentable, lapsed, lewd, loathsome, lousy, lurid, maculate, monstrous, nasty, nefarious, noisome, nonkosher, notorious, obnoxious, obscene, odious, of easy virtue, offensive, outrageous, peccable, pitiable, pitiful, polluted, pornographic, postlapsarian, prodigal, rank, raunchy, recidivist, recidivistic, regrettable, reprehensible, repulsive, ribald, ritually unclean, rotten, sad, salacious, scandalous, schlock, scurrile, scurrilous, scurvy, shabby, shameful, shocking, shoddy, smirched, smoking-room, smutty, soiled, soily, sordid, squalid, sullied, sultry, tainted, terrible, too bad, tref, unangelic, unbathed, unchaste, uncleanly, ungodly, ungood, unprintable, unpure, unrepeatable, unrighteous, unsaintly, unscoured, unscrubbed, unswept, unvirginal, unvirtuous, unwashed, unwiped, vile, villainous, virtueless, wanton, wayward, weak, woeful, worst, worthless, wretched




N uncleanness, impurity, immundity, immundicity, impurity, defilement, contamination, defoedation, soilure, soiliness, abomination, leaven, taint, tainture, fetor, decay, putrescence, putrefaction, corruption, mold, must, mildew, dry rot, mucor, rubigo, slovenry, slovenliness, squalor, dowdy, drab, slut, malkin, slattern, sloven, slammerkin, slammock, slummock, scrub, draggle-tail, mudlark, dust-man, sweep, beast, dirt, filth, soil, slop, dust, cobweb, flue, smoke, soot, smudge, smut, grit, grime, raff, sossle, sozzle, sordes, dregs, grounds, lees, argol, sediment, settlement heeltap, dross, drossiness, mother, precipitate, scoriae, ashes, cinders, recrement, slag, scum, froth, hogwash, ditchwater, dishwater, bilgewater, rinsings, cheeseparings, sweepings, offscourings, outscourings, off scum, caput mortuum, residuum, sprue, fecula, clinker, draff, scurf, scurfiness, exuviae, morphea, fur, furfur, dandruff, tartar, riffraff, vermin, louse, flea, bug, chinch, mud, mire, quagmire, alluvium, silt, sludge, slime, slush, slosh, sposh, spawn, offal, gurry, lientery, garbage, carrion, excreta, slough, peccant humor, pus, matter, suppuration, lienteria, faeces, feces, excrement, ordure, dung, crap, shit, sewage, sewerage, muck, coprolite, guano, manure, compost, dunghill, colluvies, mixen, midden, bog, laystall, sink, privy, jakes, toilet, john, head, cess, cesspool, sump, sough, cloaca, latrines, drain, sewer, common sewer, Cloacina, dust hole, sty, pigsty, lair, den, Augean stable, sink of corruption, slum, rookery, dirty, filthy, grimy, unclean, impure, soiled, not to be handled with kid gloves, dusty, snuffy, smutty, sooty, smoky, thick, turbid, dreggy, slimy, mussy, slovenly, untidy, messy, uncleanly, unkempt, sluttish, dowdy, draggle-tailed, uncombed, unscoured, unswept, unwiped, unwashed, unstrained, unpurified, squalid, lutose, slammocky, slummocky, sozzly, nasty, coarse, foul, offensive, abominable, beastly, reeky, reechy, fetid, decayed, moldy, musty, mildewed, rusty, moth-eaten, mucid, rancid, weak, bad, gone bad, etercoral, lentiginous, touched, fusty, effete, reasty, rotten, corrupt, tainted, high, flyblown, maggoty, putrid, putrefactive, putrescent, putrefied, saprogenic, saprogenous, purulent, carious, peccant, fecal, feculent, stercoraceous, excrementitious, scurfy, scurvy, impetiginous, gory, bloody, rotting, rotten as a pear, rotten as cheese, crapulous, gross, fimetarious, fimicolous, they that touch pitch will be defiled.


N impurity, uncleanness, immodesty, grossness, indelicacy, indecency, impudicity, obscenity, ribaldry, Fescennine, smut, bawdry, double entente, equivoque, concupiscence, lust, carnality, flesh, salacity, pruriency, lechery, lasciviency, lubricity, Sadism, sapphism, incontinence, intrigue, faux pas, amour, amourette, gallantry, debauchery, libertinish, libertinage, fornication, liaison, wenching, venery, dissipation, seduction, defloration, defilement, abuse, violation, rape, incest, prostitution, social evil, harlotry, stupration, whoredom, concubinage, cuckoldom, adultery, advoutry, crim, con, free love, seraglio, harem, brothel, bagnio, stew, bawdyhouse, cat house, lupanar, house of ill fame, bordel, bordello, impure, unclean, not to be mentioned to ears polite, immodest, shameless, indecorous, indelicate, indecent, Fescennine, loose, risque, coarse, gross, broad, free, equivocal, smutty, fulsome, ribald, obscene, bawdy, pornographic, concupiscent, prurient, lickerish, rampant, lustful, carnal, carnal-minded, lewd, lascivious, lecherous, libidinous, erotic, ruttish, salacious, Paphian, voluptuous, goatish, must, musty, unchaste, light, wanton, licentious, debauched, dissolute, of loose character, of easy virtue, frail, gay, riggish, incontinent, meretricious, rakish, gallant, dissipated, no better than she should be, on the town, on the streets, on the pave, on the loose, adulterous, incestuous, bestial.

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