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179 in 175 verses (in OT : 146 in 142 verses) (in NT : 33 in 33 verses)


presencen. [F. présence, L. praesentia. See Present.].
  •  The state of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand; -- opposed to absence.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The place in which one is present; the part of space within one's ken, call, influence, etc.; neighborhood without the intervention of anything that forbids intercourse.  [1913 Webster]
    "Wrath shell be no more
    Thenceforth, but in thy presence joy entire.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Specifically, neighborhood to the person of one of superior of exalted rank; also, presence chamber.  [1913 Webster]
    "In such a presence here to plead my thoughts."  [1913 Webster]
    "An't please your grace, the two great cardinals.
    Wait in the presence.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  The whole of the personal qualities of an individual; person; personality; especially, the person of a superior, as a sovereign.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Sovran Presence thus replied."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An assembly, especially of person of rank or nobility; noble company.  [1913 Webster]
    "Odmar, of all this presence does contain,
    Give her your wreath whom you esteem most fair.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Port, mien; air; personal appearence.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
    "A graceful presence bespeaks acceptance."  [1913 Webster]
Presence chamber, or Presence room, the room in which a great personage receives company. Addison.Chambers of presence.” Bacon. -- Presence of mind, that state of the mind in which all its faculties are alert, prompt, and acting harmoniously in obedience to the will, enabling one to reach, as it were spontaneously or by intuition, just conclusions in sudden emergencies.


presence, n.
1 the state or condition of being present (your presence is requested).
2 a place where a person is (was admitted to their presence).
3 a a person's appearance or bearing, esp. when imposing (an august presence). b a person's force of personality (esp. have presence).
4 a person or thing that is present (the royal presence; there was a presence in the room).
5 representation for reasons of political influence (maintained a presence).

in the presence of in front of; observed by. presence chamber a room in which a monarch or other distinguished person receives visitors. presence of mind calmness and self-command in sudden difficulty etc.
ME f. OF f. L praesentia (as PRESENT(1))



Masan, action, actions, activity, acts, address, adjacency, affectation, air, alertness, aplomb, apparition, appearance, aspect, association, astral, astral spirit, attendance, aura, banshee, bearing, behavior, behavior pattern, behavioral norm, behavioral science, being, brow, calm, carriage, cast, cast of countenance, closeness, color, companionship, company, complexion, comportment, composure, conduct, confidence, control, cool, coolness, countenance, culture pattern, custom, demeanor, departed spirit, deportment, disembodied spirit, doing, doings, duppy, dybbuk, eidolon, ens, entity, equanimity, esse, essence, existence, face, facial appearance, false image, fantasy, favor, feature, features, figure, folkway, form, garb, gestures, ghost, goings-on, grateful dead, guide, guise, hant, haunt, idolum, image, immateriality, imperturbability, incorporeal, incorporeal being, incorporeity, larva, lemures, level-headedness, life, lineaments, lines, look, looks, maintien, manes, manifestation, manifestness, manner, manners, materiality, materialization, method, methodology, methods, mien, mirage, modus vivendi, motions, movements, moves, nearness, observable behavior, occurrence, oni, pattern, personality, phantasm, phantasma, phantasmagoria, phantom, phasm, phenomenon, phlegm, physiognomy, poise, poltergeist, port, pose, posture, practice, praxis, presence of mind, procedure, proceeding, propinquity, proximity, quick-wittedness, revenant, sang-froid, seeming, self-assurance, self-possession, set, shade, shadow, shape, shrouded spirit, social science, society, sophistication, specter, spectral ghost, spirit, spook, sprite, stance, style, subsistence, substantiality, tactics, theophany, tone, traits, turn, unsubstantiality, vicinity, visage, vision, waking dream, walking dead man, wandering soul, way, way of life, ways, wildest dream, wraith, zombie




N existence, being, entity, ens, esse, subsistence, reality, actuality, positiveness, fact, matter of fact, sober reality, truth, actual existence, presence, coexistence, stubborn fact, hard fact, not a dream, no joke, center of life, essence, inmost nature, inner reality, vital principle, ontology, existing, existent, under the sun, in existence, extant, afloat, afoot, on foot, current, prevalent, undestroyed, real, actual, positive, absolute, true, substantial, substantive, self-existing, self-existent, essential, well-founded, well-grounded, unideal, unimagined, not potential, authentic, actually, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, indeed, de facto, ipso facto, ens rationis, ergo sum cogito, thinkest thou existence doth depend on time?.


N presence, occupancy, occupation, attendance, whereness, permeation, pervasion, diffusion, ubiety, ubiquity, ubiquitariness, omnipresence, bystander, present, occupying, inhabiting, moored, resiant, resident, residentiary, domiciled, ubiquitous, ubiquitary, omnipresent, universally present, peopled, populous, full of people, inhabited, here, there, where, everywhere, aboard, on board, at home, afield, here there and everywhere, in presence of, before, under the eyes of, under the nose of, in the face of, in propria persona, on the spot, in person, in the flesh, nusquam est qui ubique est.


N courtesy, respect, good manners, good behavior, good breeding, manners, politeness, bienseance, urbanity, comity, gentility, breeding, polish, presence, civility, civilization, amenity, suavity, good temper, good humor, amiability, easy temper, complacency, soft tongue, mansuetude, condescension, affability, complaisance, pr_evenance, amability, gallantry, pink of politeness, pink of courtesy, compliment, fair words, soft words, sweet words, honeyed phrases, ceremonial salutation, reception, presentation, introduction, accueil, greeting, recognition, welcome, abord, respects, devoir, regards, remembrances, kind regards, kind remembrances, love, best love, duty, empty encomium, flattering remark, hollow commendation, salaams, obeisance, bow, courtesy, curtsy, scrape, salaam, kotow, kowtow, bowing and scraping, kneeling, genuflection, obsequiousness, capping, shaking hands grip of the hand, embrace, hug, squeeze, accolade, loving cup, vin d'honneur, pledge, love token, kiss, buss, salute, mark of recognition, nod, nods and becks and wreathed smiles, valediction, condolence, courteous, polite, civil, mannerly, urbane, well-behaved, well- mannered, well-bred, well-brought up, good-mannered, polished, civilized, cultivated, refined, gentlemanlike, gallant, on one's good behavior, fine spoken, fair spoken, soft-spoken, honey-mouthed, honey- tongued, oily, bland, obliging, conciliatory, complaisant, complacent, obsequious, ingratiating, winning, gentle, mild, good-humored, cordial, gracious, affable, familiar, neighborly, diplomatic, tactful, politic, artful, courteously, with a good grace, with open arms, with outstretched arms, a bras ouverts, suaviter in modo, in good humor, Int, hail!, welcome!, well met!, ave!, all hail!, good day, good morrow!, Godspeed!, pax vobiscum!, may your shadow never be less!, Tien de plus estimable que la ceremonie, the very pink of courtesy.


N appearance, phenomenon, sight, spectacle, show, premonstration, scene, species, view, coup d'oeil, lookout, outlook, prospect, vista, perspective, bird's-eye view, scenery, landscape, picture, tableau, display, exposure, mise en sc ne, rising of the curtain, phantasm, phantom, pageant, spectacle, peep-show, raree-show, gallanty-show, ombres chinoises, magic lantern, phantasmagoria, dissolving views, biograph, cinematograph, moving pictures, panorama, diorama, cosmorama, georama, coup de theatre, jeu de theatre, pageantry, insignia, aspect, angle, phase, phasis, seeming, shape, guise, look, complexion, color, image, mien, air, cast, carriage, port, demeanor, presence, expression, first blush, face of the thing, point of view, light, lineament feature trait lines, outline, outside, contour, face, countenance, physiognomy, visage, phiz, cast of countenance, profile, tournure, cut of one s jib, metoposcopy, outside, apparent, seeming, ostensible, on view, apparently, to all seeming, to all appearance, ostensibly, seemingly, as it seems, on the face of it, prima facie, at the first blush, at first sight, in the eyes of, to the eye, editio princeps.

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