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overfatigue | overfed | overfeed | overfeeding | overfierce | overfill | overfish | overflight | overfloat | overflourish | overflow


Verb (intransitive), Verb (transitive)


overfillv. t. 
     To fill to excess; to surcharge.  [1913 Webster]


overfill, v.tr. & intr. fill to excess or to overflowing.



allay, brim, charge, chock, choke, cloy, congest, cram, crowd, drench, engorge, fill, fill to overflowing, fill up, freight, glut, gluttonize, gorge, jade, jam, jam-pack, lade, load, overbrim, overburden, overcharge, overdose, overfeed, overgorge, overlade, overload, overrun, oversaturate, overstuff, overweight, pack, pad, pall, ram in, run, sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate, slake, soak, stuff, supercharge, supersaturate, surcharge, surfeit, top off, wad, weight

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