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Adjective, Noun


oblonga. [L. oblongus; ob (see Ob-) + longus long: cf. F. oblong.].
     Having greater length than breadth, esp. when rectangular.  [1913 Webster]
     A rectangular figure longer than it is broad; hence, any figure longer than it is broad.  [1913 Webster]
    "The best figure of a garden I esteem an oblong upon a descent."  [1913 Webster]


oblong, adj. & n.
1 deviating from a square form by having one long axis, esp. rectangular with adjacent sides unequal.
2 greater in breadth than in height.
--n. an oblong figure or object.

ME f. L oblongus longish (as OB-, longus long)



cube-shaped, cubed, cubic, cubiform, cuboid, diced, elliptical, elongated, foursquare, oblongated, oblongitudinal, orthogonal, quadrangular, quadrate, quadriform, quadrilateral, rectangular, rhombic, rhomboid, square, tetragonal, tetrahedral, trapezohedral, trapezoid




N length, longitude, span, mileage, distance, line, bar, rule, stripe, streak, spoke, radius, lengthening, prolongation, production, protraction, tension, tensure, extension, line, nail, inch, hand, palm, foot, cubit, yard, ell, fathom, rood, pole, furlong, mile, league, chain, link, arpent, handbreadth, jornada, kos, vara, astronomical unit, AU, light- year, parsec, nanometer, nm, micron, micrometer, millimicron, millimeter, mm, centimeter, cm, meter, kilometer, km, pedometer, perambulator, scale, long, longsome, lengthy, wiredrawn, outstretched, lengthened, sesquipedalian, interminable, no end of, macrocolous, linear, lineal, longitudinal, oblong, as long as my arm, as long as today and tomorrow, unshortened &c (shorten), lengthwise, at length, longitudinally, endlong, along, tandem, in a line, in perspective, from end to end, from stem to stern, from head to foot, from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, from top to toe, fore and aft.

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