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made (root: make)


Adjective, Verb (usu participle)
1170 in 1092 verses (in OT : 990 in 922 verses) (in NT : 180 in 170 verses)


     See Mad, n.  [1913 Webster]
madeimp. & p. p. 
     imp. & p. p. of Make.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Artificially produced; pieced together; formed by filling in; as, made ground; a made mast, in distinction from one consisting of a single spar.  [1913 Webster]
  •  having the sheets and blankets set in order; -- of a bed; as, is the bed made?.  [WordNet 1.5]
  •  successful or assured of success; as, a self-made man.  [WordNet 1.5]
    "Now I am a made man forever."  [WordNet 1.5]
Made up. (a) Complete; perfect. “A made up villain.” Shak. (b) Falsely devised; fabricated; as, a made up story. (c) Artificial; as, a made up figure or complexion.


made, 1 past and past part. of MAKE.
2 adj. (usu. in comb.) a (of a person or thing) built or formed (well-made; strongly-made). b successful (a self-made man).

have it made colloq. be sure of success. made for ideally suited to. made of consisting of. made of money colloq. very rich.



assembled, assured of success, brought about, built, cast, caused, coming, constructed, crafted, created, crowned with success, custom, custom-built, custom-made, done, effectuated, executed, extracted, fabricated, fashioned, forged, formed, fortunate, gathered, grown, handcrafted, handmade, harvested, homemade, homespun, machine-made, machined, made to order, man-made, manufactured, mass-produced, milled, mined, molded, on the up-and-up, on top, out in front, performed, prefab, prefabricated, processed, produced, prosperous, put together, raised, ready-for-wear, ready-formed, ready-made, ready-prepared, ready-to-wear, refined, shaped, smelted, succeeding, successful, surefire, triumphant, well-built, well-constructed, well-made

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