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Noun, Verb (transitive)
5 in 5 verses (in OT : 5 in 5 verses)


fistn. [OE. fist, fust, AS. f; akin to D. vuist, OHG. f, G. faust, and prob. to L. pugnus, Gr. pygmh` fist, py`x with the fist. Cf. Pugnacious, Pigmy.].
  •  The hand with the fingers doubled into the palm; the closed hand, especially as clinched tightly for the purpose of striking a blow.  [1913 Webster]
    "Who grasp the earth and heaven with my fist."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The talons of a bird of prey.  [1913 Webster]
    "More light than culver in the falcon's fist."  [1913 Webster]
  •  the index mark [1913 Webster]
Hand over fist (Naut.), rapidly; hand over hand.
fistv. t. 
  •  To strike with the fist.  Dryden.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To gripe with the fist.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]


fist, n. & v.
1 a tightly closed hand.
2 sl. handwriting (writes a good fist; I know his fist).
3 sl. a hand (give us your fist).
1 strike with the fist.
2 Naut. handle (a sail, an oar, etc.).

make a good (or poor etc.) fist (foll. by at, of) colloq. make a good (or poor etc.) attempt at.
fisted adj. (also in comb.). fistful n. (pl. -fuls).
OE fyst f. WG



arrow, autography, blaze, calligraphy, chirography, compass needle, direction, direction post, finger post, graphanalysis, graphology, graphometry, guide, guideboard, guidepost, hand, handwriting, hour hand, index, index finger, lead, lubber line, manuscript, milepost, minute hand, needle, paleography, pencraft, penmanship, penscript, pointer, script, scription, scrive, signboard, signpost, stylography




N writing, chirography, stelography, cerography, penmanship, craftmanship, quill driving, typewriting, writing, manuscript, MS, literae scriptae, these presents, stroke of the pen, dash of the pen, coupe de plume, line, headline, pen and ink, letter, uncial writing, cuneiform character, arrowhead, Ogham, Runes, hieroglyphic, contraction, Brahmi, Devanagari, Nagari, script, shorthand, stenography, brachygraphy, tachygraphy, secret writing, writing in cipher, cryptography, stenography, phonography, pasigraphy, Polygraphy, logography, copy, transcript, rescript, rough copy, fair copy, handwriting, signature, sign manual, autograph, monograph, holograph, hand, fist, calligraphy, good hand, running hand, flowing hand, cursive hand, legible hand, bold hand, cacography, griffonage, barbouillage, bad hand, cramped hand, crabbed hand, illegible hand, scribble, pattes de mouche, ill-formed letters, pothooks and hangers, stationery, pen, quill, goose quill, pencil, style, paper, foolscap, parchment, vellum, papyrus, tablet, slate, marble, pillar, table, blackboard, ink bottle, ink horn, ink pot, ink stand, ink well, typewriter, transcription, inscription, superscription, graphology, composition, authorship, cacoethes scribendi, graphoidea, graphomania, phrenoia, writer, scribe, amanuensis, scrivener, secretary, clerk, penman, copyist, transcriber, quill driver, stenographer, typewriter, typist, writer for the press, writing, written, in writing, in black and white, under one's hand, uncial, Runic, cuneiform, hieroglyphical, currente calamo, pen in hand, audacter et sincere, le style est l'homme meme, nature's noblest gift - my gray goose quill, scribendi recte sapere et principium et fons, that mighty instrument of little men, the pen became a clarion.


N retention, retaining, keep, detention, custody, tenacity, firm hold, grasp, gripe, grip, iron grip, fangs, teeth, claws, talons, nail, unguis, hook, tentacle, tenaculum, bond, clutches, tongs, forceps, pincers, nippers, pliers, vice, paw, hand, finger, wrist, fist, neaf, neif, bird in hand, captive, retaining, retentive, tenacious, unforfeited, undeprived, undisposed, uncommunicated, incommunicable, inalienable, in mortmain, in strict settlement, uti possidetis.

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