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Zionn. [Heb. tsīy, originally, a hill.].
  •  A hill in Jerusalem, which, after the capture of that city by the Israelites, became the royal residence of David and his successors.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, the theocracy, or church of God.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The heavenly Jerusalem; heaven.  [1913 Webster]


Zion, n. (also Sion)
1 the hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built.
2 a the Jewish people or religion. b the Christian Church.
3 (in Christian thought) the Kingdom of God in Heaven.

OE f. eccl.L Sion f. Heb. siy{ocirc}n



Canaan, Celestial City, City Celestial, City of God, Civitas Dei, Cockaigne, Holy City, New Jerusalem, Shangri-la, arcadia, bliss, elysium, empyrean, fairyland, heaven, nirvana, paradise, promised land, wonderland




N heaven, kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God, heavenly kingdom, throne of God, presence of God, inheritance of the saints in light, Paradise, Eden, Zion, abode of the blessed, celestial bliss, glory, Olympus, Elysium (paradise), Elysian fields, Arcadia, bowers of bliss, garden of the Hesperides, third heaven, Valhalla, Walhalla (Scandinavian), Nirvana (Buddhist), happy hunting grounds, Alfardaws, Assama, Falak al aflak the highest heaven (Mohammedan), future state, eternal home, eternal reward, resurrection, translation, resuscitation, apotheosis, deification, heavenly, celestial, supernal, unearthly, from on high, paradisiacal, beatific, elysian, looks through nature up to the nature's god, the great world's altarstairs, that slope through darkness up to God, the treasury of everlasting joy, vigeur de dessus.

Also see definition of "Zion" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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