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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Sheetn. [OE. shete, schete, AS. sc, sc, fr. sceát a projecting corner, a fold in a garment (akin to D. schoot sheet, bosom, lap, G. schoss bosom, lap, flap of a coat, Icel. skaut, Goth. skauts the hem of a garment); originally, that which shoots out, from the root of AS. sceótan to shoot. Shoot, v. t.].
  •  In general, a large, broad piece of anything thin, as paper, cloth, etc.; a broad, thin portion of any substance; an expanded superficies.  [1913 Webster]
    "He fell into a trance, and saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending unto him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners."  [1913 Webster]
    "If I do die before thee, prithee, shroud me
    In one of those same sheets.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "To this the following sheets are intended for a full and distinct answer."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A rope or chain which regulates the angle of adjustment of a sail in relation in relation to the wind; -- usually attached to the lower corner of a sail, or to a yard or a boom.  [1913 Webster]
    " Sheet is often used adjectively, or in combination, to denote that the substance to the name of which it is prefixed is in the form of sheets, or thin plates or leaves; as, sheet brass, or sheet-brass; sheet glass, or sheet-glass; sheet gold, or sheet-gold; sheet iron, or sheet-iron, etc."  [1913 Webster]
A sheet in the wind, half drunk. [Sailors' Slang] -- Both sheets in the wind, very drunk. [Sailors' Slang] -- In sheets, lying flat or expanded; not folded, or folded but not bound; -- said especially of printed sheets. -- Sheet bend (Naut.), a bend or hitch used for temporarily fastening a rope to the bight of another rope or to an eye. -- Sheet lightning, Sheet piling, etc. See under Lightning, Piling, etc.
Sheetv. t. 
  •  To furnish with a sheet or sheets; to wrap in, or cover with, a sheet, or as with a sheet.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To expand, as a sheet.  [1913 Webster]
    "The star shot flew from the welkin blue,
    As it fell from the sheeted sky.
    "  [1913 Webster]
To sheet home (Naut.), to haul upon a sheet until the sail is as flat, and the clew as near the wind, as possible.


Sheet, n. & v.
1 a large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used esp. in pairs as inner bedclothes.
2 a a broad usu. thin flat piece of material (e.g. paper or metal). b (attrib.) made in sheets (sheet iron).
3 a wide continuous surface or expanse of water, ice, flame, falling rain, etc.
4 a set of unseparated postage stamps.
5 derog. a newspaper, esp. a disreputable one.
6 a complete piece of paper of the size in which it was made, for printing and folding as part of a book.
1 tr. provide or cover with sheets.
2 tr. form into sheets.
3 intr. (of rain etc.) fall in sheets.

sheet lightning a lightning flash with its brightness diffused by reflection. sheet metal metal formed into thin sheets by rolling, hammering, etc. sheet music music published in cut or folded sheets, not bound.
Sheet, n.
1 a rope or chain attached to the lower corner of a sail for securing or controlling it.
2 (in pl.) the space at the bow or stern of an open boat.

flowing sheets sheets eased for free movement in the wind. sheet anchor
1 a second anchor for use in emergencies.
2 a person or thing depended on in the last resort. sheet bend a method of temporarily fastening one rope through the loop of another.
ME f. OE sceata, ON skaut (as SHEET(1))



afghan, alabaster, area, article, back matter, bed linen, bedclothes, bedcover, bedding, bedsheet, bedspread, blanket, book, buffalo robe, cardboard, case, chalk, chapter, clause, clothes, coat, coating, collop, comfort, comforter, contour sheet, counterpane, cover, covering, coverlet, coverlid, cut, daily, daily newspaper, deal, disk, driven snow, eiderdown, expanse, extra, extra edition, fascicle, feuille, film, fitted sheet, flap, fleece, flour, foam, foil, fold, folio, front matter, gathering, gazette, ivory, journal, lamella, lamina, laminated glass, laminated wood, lamination, lap, lap robe, layer, leaf, lily, linen, maggot, membrane, milk, monthly, national newspaper, neighborhood newspaper, news, newspaper, newspaper of record, number, page, pane, panel, paper, paragraph, passage, patchwork quilt, patina, pearl, peel, pellicle, phrase, pillow slip, pillowcase, plait, plank, plate, plating, ply, plywood, quilt, quire, rag, rasher, ream, robe, rug, safety glass, scum, section, sentence, sheeting, signature, silver, skin, slab, slat, slice, slip, snow, special, special edition, spread, stationery, stratum, stretch, surface, swan, table, tablet, tabloid, text, veneer, verse, wafer, weekly, weekly newspaper




N booklet, writing, work, volume, tome, opuscule, tract, tractate, livret, brochure, libretto, handbook, codex, manual, pamphlet, enchiridion, circular, publication, chap book, part, issue, number livraison, album, portfolio, periodical, serial, magazine, ephemeris, annual, journal, paper, bill, sheet, broadsheet, leaf, leaflet, fly leaf, page, quire, ream, chapter, section, head, article, paragraph, passage, clause, endpapers, frontispiece, cover, binding, folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo, sextodecimo, octodecimo, encyclopedia, encompilation, library, bibliotheca, press, definitive work, treatise, comprehensive treatise (dissertation), writer, author, litterateur, essayist, journalism, pen, scribbler, the scribbling race, literary hack, Grub-street writer, writer for the press, gentleman of the press, representative of the press, adjective jerker, diaskeaust, ghost, hack writer, ink slinger, publicist, reporter, penny a liner, editor, subeditor, playwright, poet, bookseller, publisher, bibliopole, bibliopolist, librarian, bookstore, bookshop, bookseller's shop, knowledge of books, bibliography, book learning, among the giant fossils of my past, craignez tout d'un auteur en courroux, for authors nobler palms remain, I lived to write and wrote to live, look in thy heart and write, there is no Past so long as Books shall live, the public mind is the creation of the Master-Writ, volumes that I prize above my dukedom.


N layer, stratum, strata, course, bed, zone, substratum, substrata, floor, flag, stage, story, tier, slab, escarpment, table, tablet, dess, flagstone, board, plank, trencher, platter, plate, lamina, lamella, sheet, foil, wafer, scale, flake, peel, coat, pellicle, membrane, film, leaf, slice, shive, cut, rasher, shaving, integument, eschar, stratification, scaliness, nest of boxes, coats of an onion, monolayer, bilayer, trilayer, lamellar, lamellated, lamelliform, layered, laminated, laminiferous, micaceous, schistose, schistous, scaly, filmy, membranous, pellicular, flaky, squamous, foliated, foliaceous, stratified, stratiform, tabular, discoid, spathic, spathose, trilamellar, graphitic.


N covering, cover, baldachin, baldachino, baldaquin, canopy, tilt, awning, tent, marquee, tente d'abri, umbrella, parasol, sunshade, veil (shade), shield, roof, ceiling, thatch, tile, pantile, pentile, tiling, slates, slating, leads, barrack, plafond, planchment, tiling, shed, top, lid, covercle, door, operculum, bulkhead, bandage, plaster, lint, wrapping, dossil, finger stall, coverlet, counterpane, sheet, quilt, tarpaulin, blanket, rug, drugget, housing, antimacassar, eiderdown, numdah, pillowcase, pillowslip, linoleum, saddle cloth, blanket cloth, tidy, tilpah, apishamore, integument, tegument, skin, pellicle, fleece, fell, fur, leather, shagreen, hide, pelt, peltry, cordwain, derm, robe, buffalo robe, cuticle, scarfskin, epidermis, clothing, mask, peel, crust, bark, rind, cortex, husk, shell, coat, eggshell, glume, capsule, sheath, sheathing, pod, cod, casing, case, theca, elytron, elytrum, involucrum, wrapping, wrapper, envelope, vesicle, corn husk, corn shuck, dermatology, conchology, testaceology, inunction, incrustation, superimposition, superposition, obduction, scale, veneer, facing, overlay, plate, silver plate, gold plate, copper plate, engobe, ormolu, Sheffield plate, pavement, coating, paint, varnish, plating, barrel plating, anointing, enamel, epitaxial deposition, vapor deposition, ground, whitewash, plaster, spackel, stucco, compo, cerement, ointment, covering, superimposed, overlaid, plated, cutaneous, dermal, cortical, cuticular, tegumentary, skinny, scaly, squamous, covered, imbricated, loricated, armor plated, ironclad, under cover, cowled, cucullate, dermatoid, encuirassed, hooded, squamiferous, tectiform, vaginate.

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