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Verb (transitive)


Predictv. t. [L. praedictus, p. p. of praedicere to predict; prae before + dicere to say, tell. See Diction, and cf. Preach.].
     To tell or declare beforehand; to foretell; to prophesy; to presage; as, to predict misfortune; to predict the return of a comet.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To foretell; prophesy; prognosticate; presage; forebode; foreshow; bode.
     A prediction.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]


Predict, (often foll. by that + clause) make a statement about the future; foretell, prophesy.

predictive adj. predictively adv. predictor n.
L praedicere praedict- (as PRAE-, dicere say)



adumbrate, anticipate, approach, augur, auspicate, await, be destined, be fated, be imminent, be to be, be to come, bet, call, cast a horoscope, cast a nativity, come, come on, conclude, conjecture, contemplate, divine, dope, dope out, dowse for water, draw near, draw on, envisage, envision, expect, forebode, forecast, foreglimpse, foresee, foreshadow, foreshow, foretaste, foretell, foretoken, forewarn, fortune-tell, gamble, gather, guess, hariolate, have a hunch, have an intimation, hazard a conjecture, hint, hope, infer, intimate, judge, lie ahead, look ahead, look beyond, look for, look forward to, loom, make a prediction, make a prognosis, make a prophecy, make book, near, omen, plan, plot, portend, prefigure, presage, presume, prognosticate, project, prophesy, read palms, read tea leaves, read the future, risk, see ahead, see beforehand, shadow, shadow forth, soothsay, speculate, suggest, suppose, surmise, take a chance, tell fortunes, tell the future, think, threaten, vaticinate




VB foresee, look forwards to, look ahead, look beyond, scent from afar, look into the future, pry into the future, peer into the future, see one's way, see how the land lies, get the lay of the land, see how the wind blows, test the waters, see how the cat jumps, anticipate, expect, be beforehand, predict, foreknow, forejudge, forecast, presurmise, have an eye to the future, have an eye to the main chance, respicere finem, keep a sharp lookout, forewarn.


VB predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate, tell fortunes, cast a horoscope, cast a nativity, advise, forewarn, presage, augur, bode, abode, forebode, foretoken, betoken, prefigure, preshow, portend, foreshow, foreshadow, shadow forth, typify, pretypify, ominate, signify, point to, usher in, herald, premise, announce, lower, hold out expectation, raise expectation, excite expectation, excite hope, bid fair, promise, lead one to expect, be the precursor, extrapolate, project.

Also see definition of "Predict" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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