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Bdelliumn. [L., fr. Gr. bde`llion; cf. Heb. b'dolakh bdellium (in sense 1).].
  •  An unidentified substance mentioned in the Bible (Gen. ii. 12, and Num. xi. 7), variously taken to be a gum, a precious stone, or pearls, or perhaps a kind of amber found in Arabia.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A gum resin of reddish brown color, brought from India, Persia, and Africa.  [1913 Webster]
    " Indian bdellium or false myrrh is an exudation from Balsamodendron Roxburghii. Other kinds are known as African bdellium, Sicilian bdellium, etc."  [1913 Webster]


Bdellium, n.
1 any of various trees, esp. of the genus Commiphora, yielding resin.
2 this fragrant resin used in perfumes.

L f. Gk bdellion f. Heb. bedholah

Also see definition of "Bdellium" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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