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NAVE: Dross
EBD: Dross
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NET Glossary: the scum that forms on the surface of molten metal

Dross [EBD]

the impurities of silver separated from the one in the process of melting (Prov. 25:4; 26:23; Ps. 119:119). It is also used to denote the base metal itself, probably before it is smelted, in Isa. 1:22, 25.

Dross [NAVE]

Psa. 119:119; Prov. 25:4; 26:23; Isa. 1:22; Ezek. 22:18, 19.


DROSS - dros (sigh): The refuse of smelting of precious metal (Prov 25:4; 26:23); used figuratively of what is base or worthless (Isa 1:22,25; Ezek 22:18,19; Ps 119:119).

Also see definition of "Dross" in Word Study

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