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HEBREW: 2128 Pyz Ziyph 2129 hpyz Ziyphah
NAVE: Ziph Ziphah
EBD: Ziph Ziphah
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In Bible versions:

a town and wilderness area of south-eastern Judah
a town in the hill country of Judah
son of Jehallelel a descendant of Judah

this mouth or mouthful; falsehood
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Google Maps: Ziph (1) (31° 28´, 35° 7´); Ziph (2) (31° 9´, 35° 3´)
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Strongs #02128: Pyz Ziyph

Ziph = "battlement"

n pr m
1) a son of Jehaleleel, a descendant of Judah, and brother of Ziphah

n pr loc
2) a city in southern Judah, between Ithnan and Telem; site unknown
3) a city of Judah, southeast of Hebron, between Carmel and Juttah in
the highland district

2128 Ziyph zeef

from the same as 2203; flowing; Ziph, the name of a place in
Palestine; also of an Israelite:-Ziph.
see HEBREW for 02203

Strongs #02129: hpyz Ziyphah

Ziphah = "battlement"

1) a son of Jehaleleel, a descendant of Judah, and brother of Ziph

2129 Ziyphah zee-faw'

feminine of 2128; a flowing; Ziphah, an Israelite:-Ziphah.
see HEBREW for 02128

Ziph [EBD]

flowing. (1.) A son of Jehaleleel (1 Chr. 4:16).

(2.) A city in the south of Judah (Josh. 15:24), probably at the pass of Sufah.

(3.) A city in the mountains of Judah (Josh. 15:55), identified with the uninhabited ruins of Tell ez-Zif, about 5 miles south-east of Hebron. Here David hid himself during his wanderings (1 Sam. 23:19; Ps. 54, title).

Ziphah [EBD]

a descendant of Judah (1 Chr. 4:16).

Ziph [NAVE]

1. Two cities of Judah, Josh. 15:24, 55; 1 Sam. 23:14, 15, 24; 26:2; 2 Chr. 11:8.
2. Grandson of Caleb, 1 Chr. 2:42.
3. Son of Jehaleleel, 1 Chr. 4:16.

Ziphah [NAVE]

ZIPHAH, a son of Jehaleleel, 1 Chr. 4:16.


(battlement), the name of two towns in Judah.
  1. In the south, named between Ithnan and Telem. (Joshua 15:24) It does not appear again in the history, nor has any trace of has been met with.
  2. In the highland district, named between Carmel and Juttah. (Joshua 15:55) The place is immortalized by its connection with David. (1 Samuel 23:14,15,24; 26:2) These passages show that at that time it had near it a wilderness (i,e, a waste pasture-ground) and a wood. The latter has disappeared but the former remains. The name of Zif if, found about three miles south of Hebron, attached to a rounded hill of some 100 feet in height, which is called Tell Zif .
  3. Son of Jehaleleel. (1 Chronicles 4:16)


(feminine of Ziph), another son of Jehaleleel. (1 Chronicles 4:16)


ZIPH (1) - zif (ziph; Ozeib, or Ziph):

(1) A town in the hill country of Judah, mentioned along with Maon, Carmel and Jutah (Josh 15:55). It is chiefly celebrated in connection with the earlier history of David: "David .... remained in the hill-country in the wilderness of Ziph" (1 Sam 23:14,15,24; 26:2); the Ziphites (1 Sam 23:19; 26:1; compare Ps 54 title) sought to betray him to Saul, but David escaped. Ziph was fortified by Rehoboam (2 Ch 11:8). The name also occurs in 1 Ch 2:42; 4:16. In connection with this last (compare 4:23) it is noticeable that Ziph is one of the four names occurring on the Hebrew stamped jar handles with the added la-melekh, "to the king."

The site is Tell Zif, 4 miles Southeast of Hebron, conspicuous hill 2,882 ft. above sea-level; there are cisterns and, to the East, some ruins (PEF, III, 312, 315).

(2) A town in the Negeb of Judah (Josh 15:24), site unknown.

E. W. G. Masterman


ZIPH (2) - (ziph, meaning unknown):

(1) A grandson of Caleb (1 Ch 2:42); the Septuagint has Zeiph.

(2) A son of Jehallelel (1 Ch 4:16). In the Septuagint's Codex Alexandrinus reads Ziphai, but Codex Vaticanus has the totally different form Ameachei.


ZIPHAH - zi'-fa (ziphah, a feminine form of "Ziph"): A Judahite, "son" of Jehallelel. The name being feminine may be a dittography of the previous Ziph (1 Ch 4:16).

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