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HEBREW: 2218 drz Zered
NAVE: Zered
EBD: Zered
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In Bible versions:

a brook dividing Moab and Edom at the south end of the Dead Sea
Google Maps: Zered (30° 53´, 35° 53´)


Strongs #02218: drz Zered

Zered = "osier brook"

1) a river east of the Jordan, in the region of Moab and Edom, a
source of the Arnon river

2218 Zered zeh'-red

from an unused root meaning to be exuberant in growth; lined
with shrubbery; Zered, a brook East of the Dead Sea:-Zared,

Zered [EBD]

=Zared, luxuriance; willow bush, a brook or valley communicating with the Dead Sea near its southern extremity (Num. 21:12; Deut. 2:14). It is called the "brook of the willows" (Isa. 15:7) and the "river of the wilderness" (Amos 6:14). It has been identified with the Wady el-Aksy.

Zered [NAVE]

See: Zared.


(osier brook), (2:13,14) or Za?red, (Numbers 21:12) a brook or valley running into the Dead Sea near its southeast corner, which Dr. Robinson with some probability suggests as identical with the Wady el-Ahsy . It lay between Moab and Edom and is the limit of the proper term of the Israelites? wandering. (2:14)


ZERED - ze'-red (zeredh; Codex Vaticanus Zaret; Codex Alexandrinus Zare; the King James Version, Zared (Nu 21:12)): This is the nachal or "torrent valley" given as the place where Israel encamped before they reached the Arnon (Nu 21:12). In Dt 2:13 f, the crossing of the brook Zered marks the end of the 38 years' desert wanderings. It has often been identified with Wady el-`Achsa, which runs up from the southeastern corner of the Dead Sea. A fatal objection to this is that the host had entered the wilderness to the East of Moab before they crossed the Zered (Nu 21:11), while Wady el-`Achsa must have formed the southern boundary of Moab. We may conclude with certainty that one of the confluents of Wady Kerak is intended, but which, it is impossible now to say.

W. Ewing

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