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HEBREW: 6829 Nwpu Tsaphown 6828 Nwpu tsaphown or Npu tsaphon
NAVE: Zaphon
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In Bible versions:

a town of Gad about 5 km north of Succoth near the Jordan River

NET Glossary: (1) a town near Succoth and Beth Nimrah east of the Jordan River taken by the Israelites from King Sihon of the Ammonites and given by Moses to the tribe of Gad (Josh 13:27); (2) a mountain located near the mouth of the Orontes River in northern Syria, according to Ugaritic texts the sacred mountain of the storm god Baal (Baal-Hadad in ancient Canaanite mythology) and the location where the gods assembled (Isa 14:13), similar to Mount Olympus in Greek mythology
Google Maps: Zaphon (32° 14´, 35° 35´)


Strongs #06829: Nwpu Tsaphown

Zaphon = "north"

1) a city in Gad east of the Sea of Galilee on the east bank of the

6829 Tsaphown tsaw-fone'

the same as 6828; boreal; Tsaphon, a place in
see HEBREW for 06828

Strongs #06828: Nwpu tsaphown or Npu tsaphon

1) north (of direction), northward
1a) north
1b) northward

6828 tsaphown tsaw-fone'

or tsaphon {tsaw-fone'}; from 6845; properly, hidden, i.e.
dark; used only of the north as a quarter (gloomy and
unknown):-north(-ern, side, -ward, wind).
see HEBREW for 06845

Zaphon [NAVE]

ZAPHON, a city in Gad, Josh. 13:27.


(north), a place mentioned in the enumeration of the allotment of the tribe of Gad. (Joshua 13:27)


ZAPHON - za'-fon (tsaphon; Codex Vaticanus Saphan; Codex Alexandrinus Saphon): A city on the East of the Jordan in the territory of Gad (Josh 13:27). It is named again in Jdg 12:1 as the place where the elders of Gilead gathered to meet with Jephthah (tsaphonah should be translated "to Zaphon," not "northward"). It must have lain well to the North of Gad. According to the Talmud Amathus represented Zaphon (Neubauer, Geog. du Talmud, 249). Here sat one of the Synedria created by Gabinius (Ant., XIV, v, 4). It was a position of great strength (B J, I, iv, 2). Eusebius, Onomasticon places it 21 Roman miles S. of Pella. This is the modern Tell 'Amateh, on the south bank of Wady er-Rujeib, 15 miles South of Pella, and nearly 5 miles North of the Jabbok. Buhl (GAP, 259) objects to the identification that Tell 'Amateh corresponds to the Asophon of Josephus (Ant., XIII, xii, 5). But this objection does not seem well founded.

W. Ewing

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