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In Bible versions:

Za-Anannim: AVS TEV
a town on the northeastern corner of tribal allotment of Naphtali near Kadesh (Holman Bible Dictionary)

movings; a person asleep
Google Maps: Zaanannim (33° 6´, 35° 32´)


Strongs #06815: Mynneu Tsa`ananniym or (dual) Myneu Tsa`anayim

Zaanannim or Zaanaim = "removings"

1) a place in Naphtali near Kedesh

6815 Tsa`ananniym tsah-an-an-neem'

or (dual) Tsaeanayim {tsah-an-ah'-yim}; plural from 6813;
removals; Tsaanannim or Tsaanajim, a place in
Palestine:-Zaannannim, Zaanaim.
see HEBREW for 06813

Zaanannim [EBD]

=Zaanaim, (Josh. 19:33).


ZAANANNIM; PLAIN OR OAK OF - za-a-nan'-im, elon betsa`anayim; or betsa`anannim Codex Vaticanus Besamiein; Codex Alexandrinus Besananim (Josh 19:33); in Jdg 4:11 Codex Vaticanus translates it as pleonektounton, and Codex Alexandrinus has anapauomenon): In Josh 19:33 the King James Version reads "Allon to Zaanannim," the Revised Version (British and American) "the oak in Zaanannim," the Revised Version margin "oak (or terebinth) of Bezaanannim." In Jdg 4:11 the King James Version reads "plain of Zaanaim," the Revised Version (British and American) "oak in Zaanannim." It is probable that the same place is intended in the two passages. It was a place on the southern border of the territory of Naphtali (Joshua), and near it the tent of Heber the Kenite was pitched (Judges). The absence of the article before 'elon shows that the "be" is not the preposition before "z", but the first letter of the name, which accordingly should be read "Bezaanannim." We should naturally look for it near Adami and Nekeb. This agrees also with the indications in Judges, if the direction of Sisera's flight suggested in MEROZ (which see) is correct. The Kadesh, then, of Jdg 4:11 may be represented by the ruin Qadish on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee; and in the name Khirbet Bessum, about 3 miles Northeast of Tabor, there is perhaps an echo of Bezaanannim.

W. Ewing

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