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HEBREW: 8405 Ubt Tebets
NAVE: Thebez
EBD: Thebez
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In Bible versions:

a town of west Manasseh about 15 km north of Shechem

muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk
Google Maps: Thebez (32° 19´, 35° 22´)


Strongs #08405: Ubt Tebets

Thebez = "conspicuous"

1) a town near Shechem

8405 Tebets tay-bates'

from the same as 948; whiteness; Tebets, a place in
see HEBREW for 0948

Thebez [EBD]

brightness, a place some 11 miles north-east of Shechem, on the road to Scythopolis, the modern Tabas. Abimelech led his army against this place, because of its participation in the conspiracy of the men of Shechem; but as he drew near to the strong tower to which its inhabitants had fled for safety, and was about to set fire to it, a woman cast a fragment of millstone at him, and "all to brake his skull" i.e., "altogether brake," etc. His armourbearer thereupon "thrust him through, and he died" (Judg. 9:50-55).

Thebez [NAVE]

THEBEZ, a city, in besieging which Abimelech was slain, Judg. 9:50-56; 2 Sam. 11:21.


(conspicuous), a place memorable for the death of the brave Abimelech, (Judges 9:50) was known to Eusebius and Jerome, in whose time it was situated "in the district of Neapolis," 13 Roman miles therefrom, on the road to Scythopolis. There it still is, its name --Tubas --hardly changed.


THEBEZ - the'-bez (tebhets, "'brightness"; Codex Vaticanus Thebes; Codex Alexandrinus Thaibais): A city in Mt. Ephraim which refused submission to Abimelech when he set up as king of Israel. After the reduction of Shechem he turned his arms against Thebez. There was a strong tower within the city--the citadel--into which all the inhabitants gathered for safety, climbing onto the roof of the tower. Abimelech incautiously venturing near the tower, a woman cast an upper millstone upon his head and broke his skull. Fearing the shame of perishing by the hand of a woman, he persuaded his armor-bearer to thrust him through (Jdg 9:50 ff). The incident is alluded to in 2 Sam 11:21. Eusebius, Onomasticon places it 13 Roman miles from Neapolis (Nablus) on the road to Scythopolis (Beisan). There is no doubt that it is represented by Tubas. This is a village situated in a district of considerable fertility, about 10 miles from Nablus. There are many olive trees. The rain is captured and led to rockcut cisterns, whence the village draws its water-supply. According to the Samaritans the tomb of Neby Toba marks the grave of the patriarch Asher.

W. Ewing

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