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HEBREW: 8110 Nwrmv Shimrown
NAVE: Shimron
EBD: Shimron
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In Bible versions:

son of Issachar son of Israel
a town of Zebulun 17 km west of Mt. Tabor & 14 km north of Megiddo

thorn; dregs ( --> same as Shimri, Shimrith)
NETBible Maps: Map1 D4 ; Map2 D1
Google Maps: Shimron (32° 42´, 35° 12´)


Strongs #08110: Nwrmv Shimrown

Shimron = "watch-height"

n pr m
1) 4th son of Issachar and the progenitor of the family of Shimronites

n pr loc
2) a Canaanite royal city allotted to Zebulun

8110 Shimrown shim-rone'

from 8105 in its original sense; guardianship; Shimron, the
name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine:-Shimron.
see HEBREW for 08105

Shimron [EBD]

watch-post, an ancient city of the Canaanites; with its villages, allotted to Zebulun (Josh. 19:15); now probably Semunieh, on the northern edge of the plain of Esdraelon, 5 miles west of Nazareth.

Shimron [NAVE]

1. Son of Issachar, Gen. 46:13; Num. 26:24.
Called Shimrom, 1 Chr. 7:1.
2. A city in Zebulun, Josh. 11:1; 19:15.
See: Shimron-meron.


  1. A city of Zebulun. (Joshua 11:1; 19:15) Its full appellation was perhaps Shimron-meron.
  2. The fourth son of Issachar according to the lists of Genesis, (Genesis 46:13) and Numbers, (Numbers 26:24) and the head of the family of the Shimronites.


SHIMRON (1) - shim'-ron (shimron, "watch"): The 4th son of Issachar (Gen 46:13; Nu 26:24; 1 Ch 7:1), and ancestor of the Shimronites (Nu 26:24).


SHIMRON (2) - (shimron; Codex Vaticanus Sumoon; Codex Alexandrinus Someron and other forms): A town whose king was tributary to Jabin king of Hazor, and who joined in the attempt to resist the invasion under Joshua (Josh 11:1). It was in the territory allotted to Zebulun (Josh 19:15). No sure identification is yet possible. The Septuagint and the Talmud both omit the "r" from the name; and Neubauer would identify it with Simonias (Vita, 24), the Simonia of the Talmud, which is now represented by Semuniyeh, a village about 5 miles West of Nazareth, on the edge of the plain (Geog. du Talm). Beit Lachm, named by Josephus along with it, is a short distance to the Northwest Es-Semeiriyeh, about 3 miles North of Acre, has also been suggested; but it is perhaps too far to the West.

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