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HEBREW: 8090 emv Sh@ma` 8087 emv Shema`
NAVE: Shema
EBD: Shema
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In Bible versions:

a town of south-eastern Judah
son of Hebron of Judah
son of Joel; a leader in the tribe of Reuben
son of Elpaal of Benjamin
a man who stood with Ezra when he read the law to the assembly

hearing; obeying
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Strongs #08090: emv Sh@ma`

Shema = "hear"

1) a town in Judah at the limits of the tribe toward Edom in the south
1a) same as 08088; this word 08090 not found in the Hebrew text

8090 Shma` shem-aw'

for 8087; Shema, a place in Palestine:-Shema.
see HEBREW for 08087

Strongs #08087: emv Shema`

Shema = "hear"

n pr m
1) a Reubenite, son of Joel, father of Azaz, and grandfather of Bela
2) a Judaite, son of Hebron and father of Raham
3) a Benjamite, son of Elpaal who along with his brother Beriah were
heads of their fathers houses in Aijalon and who drove out the
inhabitants of Gath. Probably the same as 'Shimhi'
4) an Israelite who stood on the right hand of Ezra as he read the
Law to the people

8087 Shema` sheh'-mah

for the same as 8088; Shema, the name of a place in Palestine
and of four Israelites:-Shema.
see HEBREW for 08088

Shema [EBD]

rumour. (1.) A Reubenite (1 Chr. 5:8).

(2.) A Benjamite (1 Chr. 8:13).

(3.) One who stood by Ezra when he read the law (Neh. 8:4).

(4.) A town in the south of Judah (Josh. 15:26); the same as Sheba (ver. 5).

Shema [NAVE]

1. A city of Judah, Josh. 15:26.
2. A son of Hebron, 1 Chr. 2:43, 44.
3. Son of Joel, 1 Chr. 5:8.
Called Shemaiah, 1 Chr. 5:4.
4. A Benjamite, 1 Chr. 8:13.
5. A man who stood at the right hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people, Neh. 8:4.


  1. A Reubenite, ancestor of Bela. (1 Chronicles 5:8) (B.C. before 1090.)
  2. Son of Elpaal. (1 Chronicles 8:13) Probably the same as Shimhi. (B.C. after 1450.)
  3. One of those who stood at Ezra?s right hand when he read the law to the people. (Nehemiah 8:4) (B.C. 458.)
  4. (Joshua 15:26) [SHEBA]


SHEMA (1) - she'-ma (shema`; Samaa): A city of Judah in the Negeb (Josh 15:26). If, as some think, identical with SHEBA (which see) of Josh 19:2, then the latter must have been inserted here from Josh 15:26. It is noticeable that the root letters (sh-m-`) were those from which Simeon is derived. Shema is probably identical with Jeshua (Neh 11:26). The place was clearly far South, and it may be Kh. Sa`wah, a ruin upon a prominent hilltop between Kh. `Attir and Khirbet el-Milch. There is a wall around the ruins, of large blocks of conglomerate flint (PEF, III, 409, Sh XXV).

E. W. G. Masterman


SHEMA (2) - (shema`):

(1) A Reubenite (1 Ch 5:8, Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Sama, Lucian, Semeei).


(2) One of the heads of "fathers' houses" in Aijalon, who put to flight the inhabitants of Gath (1 Ch 8:13, Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Sama, Lucian, Samoa); in 1 Ch 8:21 he is called "Shimei." The statement is very obscure and the whole incident is probably due to some marginal note.

(3) One of those who stood at Ezra's right during the reading of the Law (Neh 8:4, Samaias). He is called "Sammus" in 1 Esdras 9:43.

Horace J. Wolf

Also see definition of "Shema" in Word Study

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