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HEBREW: 7798 avwv Shavsha'
NAVE: Shavsha
EBD: Shavsha
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In Bible versions:

secretary of king David


Strongs #07798: avwv Shavsha'

Shavsha = "nobility"

1) the royal scribe or secretary for David

7798 Shavsha' shav-shaw'

from 7797; joyful; Shavsha, an Israelite:-Shavsha.
see HEBREW for 07797

Shavsha [EBD]

("Seraiah," 2 Sam. 8:17; "Shisha," 1 Kings 4:3), one of David's secretaries (1 Chr. 18:16).

Shavsha [NAVE]

See: Seraiah, 1.


(nobility), the royal secretary in the reign of David, (1 Chronicles 18:16) called also SERAIAH in (2 Samuel 8:17) And SHEVA in (2 Samuel 20:25) End in (1 Kings 4:3) SHISHA.


SHAVSHA - shav'-sha (shawsha'; in 2 Sam 20:25, Kethibh, sheya', Kere, shewa', English Versions of the Bible "Sheva," are refuted by the Septuagint; in 2 Sam 8:15-18, in other respects identical with Chronicles, "Seraiah" is found; the Septuagint varies greatly in all passages; it is the general consensus that Shavsha is correct): State secretary or scribe during the reign of David (1 Ch 18:16; 2 Sam 20:25). He was the first occupant of this office, which was created by David. It is significant that his father's name is omitted in the very exact list of David's officers of state (1 Ch 18:14-17 parallel 2 Sam 8:15-18); this fact, coupled with the foreign sound of his name, points to his being an "alien"; the assumption that the state secretary handled correspondence with other countries may explain David's choice of a foreigner for this post. Shavsha's two sons, Elihoreph and Ahijah, were secretaries of state under Solomon; they are called "sons of Shisha" (1 Ki 4:3), "Shisha" probably being a variant of "Shavsha."

Horace J. Wolf

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