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HEBREW: 7996 tklv Shalleketh
NAVE: Shallecheth Shalleketh
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In Bible versions:

Shalleketh: NET NIV
Shallecheth: AVS NRSV NASB TEV
one of the gates of Jerusalem
Google Maps: Shallecheth (31° 46´, 35° 14´)


Strongs #07996: tklv Shalleketh

Shallecheth = "overthrow"

1) one of the temple gates on the west side

7996 Shalleketh shal-leh'-keth

the same as 7995; Shalleketh, a gate in
see HEBREW for 07995

Shallecheth [NAVE]

SHALLECHETH, one of the gates of the temple, 1 Chr. 26:16.

Shalleketh [NAVE]

See: Shallecheth.


(overthrow), The gate, one of the gates of the "house of Jehovah." (1 Chronicles 26:16) It was the gate "to the causeway of the ascent." As the causeway is actually in existence, the gate Shallecheth can hardly fail to be identical with the Bab Silsileh or Sinsleh which enters the west wall of the Haram about 600 feet from the southwest corner of the Haram wall.

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