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In Bible versions:

Sha-Alabbin: AVS TEV
a town of Amorites 5 km NW of Aijalon & 7 km ENE of Gezer

that beholds the heart
NETBible Maps: Map10 A5
Google Maps: Shaalbim (31° 52´, 34° 58´)


Strongs #08169: Myblev Sha`albiym or Nyblev Sha`alabbiyn

Shaalbim or Shaalabbin = "place of foxes"

1) a town in Dan occupied by the Amorites

8169 Sha`albiym shah-al-beem'

or Sha.alabbiyn {shah-al-ab-been'}; plural from 7776;
fox-holes; Shaalbim or Shaalabbin, a place in
Palestine:-Shaalabbin, Shaalbim.
see HEBREW for 07776

Shaalabbin [EBD]

or Shaal'bim, a place of foxes, a town of the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:42; Judg. 1:35). It was one of the chief towns from which Solomon drew his supplies (1 Kings 4:9). It is probably the modern village of Selbit, 3 miles north of Ajalon.

Shaalabbin [NAVE]

See: Shaalbim.

Shaalbim [NAVE]

A city of Dan, Josh. 19:42; Judg. 1:35.
One of Solomon's commissary cities, 1 Kin. 4:9.
Called Shaalabbin, Josh. 19:42.


(home of foxes), a town in the allotment of Dan. (Joshua 19:42; Judges 1:35; 1 Kings 4:9) By Eusebius and Jerome it is mentioned in the Onomasticon as a large village in the district of Sebaste (i.e. Samaria), and as then called Selaba.


SHAALABBIN - sha-a-lab'-in (sha`alabbin; Codex Vaticanus Salabein; Codex Alexandrinus Salamein): A town in the territory of Dan named between Irshemesh and Aijalon (Josh 19:42). It seems to be identical with SHAALBIM.


SHAALBIM - sha-al'-bim (sha`albim; Codex Vaticanus Bethalamei; Codex Alexandrinus Salabeim, in Joshua, Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Thalabeim): When the Amorites had forced the children of Dan into the mountain they came and dwelt in Mt. Heres, Aijalon and Shaalbim, where, it appears, they were made tributary to the house of Joseph (Jdg 1:35). In the time of Solomon it was included in the administrative district presided over by Ben-deker, along with Makaz, Beth-shemesh and Elon-beth-hanan (1 Ki 4:9). Beth-shemesh is the same as Ir-shemesh (Josh 19:42). Shaalbim is probably only another name of Shaalabbin. One of David's mighty men is called Eliahba the Shaalbonite. This presumes the existence of a town called Shaalbon (2 Sam 23:32; 1 Ch 11:33), which again is probably identical with Shaalbim. Eusebius (in Onomasticon) identifies it with Salaba, a large village in the district of Sebaste (Samaria), which apparently Eusebius and Jerome thought to be in the territory of Dan. It seems, however, too far to the North. Jerome in his commentary on Ezek 48 speaks of the towers of Aijalon and Selebi and Emmaus. Conder would identify Selebi with Selbit, 3 miles Northwest of Aijalon (Yalo), and 8 miles North of Bethshemesh. This would suit for Shaalbim, as far as position is concerned; but it is difficult to account for the heavy "T" (Hebrew letter Tet) in the name, if derived from Shaalbim.

W. Ewing

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