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HEBREW: 8149 rynv Sh@niyr or ryns S@niyr
NAVE: Senir
EBD: Senir
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In Bible versions:

a mountain; the Amorite name for Mt. Hermon (OS)

bed-candle; changing
Google Maps: Senir (33° 24´, 35° 51´)


Strongs #08149: rynv Sh@niyr or ryns S@niyr

Senir or Shenir = "snow mountain"

1) the Amorite name for Mount Hermon

8149 Shniyr shen-eer'

or Sniyr {sen-eer'}; from an unused root meaning to be
pointed; peak; Shenir or Senir, a summit of Lebanon:-Senir,

Senir [EBD]

=Shenir, the name given to Hermon by the Amorites (Deut. 3:9). It means "coat of mail" or "breastplate," and is equivalent to "Sirion." Some interpret the word as meaning "the prominent" or "the snowy mountain." It is properly the name of the central of the three summits of Hermon (q.v.).

Senir [NAVE]

See: Shenir.


(snow mountain), (1 Chronicles 5:23; Ezekiel 27:5) the Amorite name for Mount Hermon.


SENIR - se'-nir (senir; Saneir): This was the Amorite name of Mt. Hermon, according to Dt 3:9 (the King James Version "Shenir").' But in 1 Ch 5:23; Song 4:8, we have Senir and Hermon named as distinct mountains. It seems probable, however, that Senir applied to a definite part of the Anti-Lebanon or Hermon range. An inscription of Shalmaneser tells us that Hazael, king of Damascus, fortified Mt. Senir over against Mt. Lebanon. So in Ezek 27:5, Senir, whence the Tyrians got planks of fir trees, is set over against Lebanon, where cedars were obtained. The Arab geographers give the name Jebel Sanir to the part of the Anti-Lebanon range which lies between Damascus and Homs (Yakut, circa 1225 AD, quoted by Guy le Strange in Palestine under the Moslems, 79. He also quotes Mas`udi, 943 AD, to the effect that Baalbek is in the district of Senir, 295).

W. Ewing

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