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HEBREW: 7278 Klm Mgr Regem Melek
NAVE: Regem-melech
EBD: Regem-melech
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In Bible versions:

Regem-Melech: NET AVS NIV TEV
Regem-melech: NRSV
Regemmelech: NASB
a man who was an ambassador of the post exile people of Bethel

he that stones the king; purple of the king


Strongs #07278: Klm Mgr Regem Melek

Regem-melech = "king's heap"

1) a man sent by some of the captivity to make enquiries at the
temple concerning fasting

7278 Regem Melek reh'-gem meh'-lek

from 7276 and 4428; king's heap; Regem-Melek, an
see HEBREW for 07276
see HEBREW for 04428

Regem-melech [EBD]

friend of the king, one of the two messengers sent by the exiled Jews to Jerusalem in the time of Darius (Zech. 7:2) to make inquiries at the temple.

Regem-melech [NAVE]

REGEM-MELECH, a captive sent as a messenger from the Jews in Babylon to Jerusalem, Zech. 7:2.


(friend of the king). The names of Sherezer and Regem-melech occur in an obscure passage of Zechariah. (Zechariah 7:2) They were sent on behalf of some of the captivity to make inquiries at the temple concerning fasting (B.C. 617.)


REGEM-MELECH - re'-gem-me'-lek, re'-gem-mel'-ek (reghem melekh): One of a deputation sent to inquire concerning the propriety of continuing the commemoration of the destruction of the temple by holding a fast (Zec 7:2). The text of the passage is in disorder. The name may mean "friend of the king"; hence, some have sought to remove the difficulty by interpreting reghem melekh as a title, not a personal name, reading the clause, "They of Beth-el had sent SHAREZER (q.v. (2)), the friend of the king."

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