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In Bible versions:

son of Beriah of Benjamin
a man who put away his heathen wife; an Israelite descended from Elam
a man who put away his heathen wife; an Israelite descended from Zattu
son of Becher son of Benjamin
a man who put away his heathen wife; an Israelite descended from Bani
a Levitical chief of the descendants of Mushi son of Merari, under King David
leader of the 15th division of Levites in David's time
son of Azriel; David's chief officer over the tribe of Naphtali
son of Bela son of Benjamin
one of the Benjamites who defected to David at Ziklag
son of Mushi son of Merari son of Levi
son of Heman the Levite and worship leader under Heman and King David
son of King David and father-in-law of King Rehoboam
an officer in charge of the temple store house under King Hezekiah
a city of refuge in Gad (Gilead) given to the Merarites
a town of Simeon possibly 32 km east of Beersheba
a town in Issachar

eminences; one that fears death
he that fears or rejects death
eminences; high places
Google Maps: Ramoth (1) (32° 33´, 35° 19´); Ramoth (2) (32° 2´, 35° 44´); Ramoth (3) (32° 33´, 36° 0´)
Arts Topics: Returning from Ramoth Gilead


Strongs #07433: twmr Ramowth or delg tmr Ramoth Gil`ad (\\#2Ch 22:5\\)

Ramoth = "heights"

n pr m
1) an Israelite who had a foreign wife in the time of Ezra

n pr loc
2) Ramoth-gilead - a place in Gilead
2a) site dubious

7433 Ramowth raw-moth'

or Ramoth Giliad (2 Chronicles 22:5) {raw-moth' gil-awd'};
from the plural of 7413 and 1568; heights of Gilad;
Ramoth-Gilad, a place East of the Jordan:-Ramoth-gilead,
Ramoth in Gilead. See also 7216.
see HEBREW for 07413
see HEBREW for 01568
see HEBREW for 07216

Strongs #03406: twmyry Y@riymowth or twmyry Y@reymowth or twmry Y@remowth

Jerimoth or Jeremoth = "He is Most High"

1) a Benjamite, son of Bela and head of a house of Benjamite
2) a Benjamite, son of Becher and head of a house of Benjamite
3) a Benjamite, son of Beriah and grandson of Elpaal
4) a Merarite Levite, son of Mushi
5) one of the men that joined David in the wilderness
6) a Levite, son of Heman and head of the 15th course of musicians
7) a Levite in the reign of Hezekiah
8) a son of Azriel, ruler of the tribe of Naphtali in the reign of David
9) a son of king David and the father of the wife of Rehoboam
10) a son of Elam, a man with a foreign wife in the time of Ezra
11) a son of Zattu, a man with a foreign wife in the time of Ezra

3406 Yriymowth yer-ee-mohth'

or Yreymowth {yer-ay-mohth'}; or Yremowth {yer-ay-mohth'};
feminine plural from 7311; elevations; Jerimoth or Jeremoth,
the name of twelve Israelites:-Jermoth, Jerimoth, and Ramoth
(from the margin).
see HEBREW for 07311

Strongs #07418: bgn-twmr Ramowth-Negeb or bgn tmr Ramath Negeb

Ramoth= "heights"
1) a place in Judah which received presents from David
1a) site dubious

7418 Ramowth-Negeb raw-moth-neh'-gheb

or Ramath Negeb {raw'-math neh'-gheb}; from the plural or
construct form of 7413 and 5045; heights (or height) of the
South; Ramoth-Negeb or Ramath-Negeb, a place in
Palestine:-south Ramoth, Ramath of the south.
see HEBREW for 07413
see HEBREW for 05045

Strongs #07216: twmae Ra'mowth or tmar Ramoth

Ramoth = "heights"

1) a place in Gilead; site dubious
2) a Levitical city in Issachar

7216 Ra'mowth raw-moth'

or Ramoth {raw-moth'}; plural of 7215; heights; Ramoth, the
name of two places in Palestine:-Ramoth.
see HEBREW for 07215

Jerimoth [EBD]

heights. (1.) One of the sons of Bela (1 Chr. 7:7).

(2.) 1 Chr. 24:30, a Merarite Levite.

(3.) A Benjamite slinger who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:5).

(4.) A Levitical musician under Heman his father (1 Chr. 25:4).

(5.) 1 Chr. 27:19, ruler of Naphtali.

(6.) One of David's sons (2 Chr. 11:18).

(7.) A Levite, one of the overseers of the temple offerings (2 Chr. 31:13) in the reign of Hezekiah.

Ramoth [EBD]

heights. A Levitical city in the tribe of Issachar (1 Sam. 30:27; 1 Chr. 6:73), the same as Jarmuth (Josh. 21:29) and Remeth (q.v.), 19:21.

Jeremoth [NAVE]

1. A Benjamite, 1 Chr. 8:14.
2. One of the sons of Elam, Ezra 10:26.
3. One of the family of Zattu, Ezra 10:27.

Jerimoth [NAVE]

Called also Jeremoth. 1. Son of Bela, 1 Chr. 7:7.
2. Son of Becher, 1 Chr. 7:8.
3. A defecting Israelite, who denounced Saul and joined David at Ziklag, 1 Chr. 12:5.
4. Son of Mushi, 1 Chr. 23:23; 24:30.
5. Son of Heman, 1 Chr. 25:4.
6. A ruler of the tribe of Naphtali, 1 Chr. 27:19.
7. A son of David, 2 Chr. 11:18.

Ramoth [NAVE]

1. An Israelite in the time of Ezra. Had taken a strange wife, Ezra 10:29.
2. Called Ramath of the South. A place probably in the south of Simeon, Josh. 19:8; 1 Sam. 30:27.
3. A city of Issachar, allotted to the Levites, 1 Chr. 6:73.
4. Ramoth in Gilead. See: Ramoth-gilead.


  1. A Benjamite chief, a son of the house of Beriah of Elpaal. (1 Chronicles 8:14) comp. 1Chr 8:12-18 (B.C. about 588.)
  2. A merarite levite, son of Mushi. (1 Chronicles 23:23)
  3. Son of Heman; head of the thirteenth course of musicians in the divine service. (1 Chronicles 25:22) (B.C. 1014.)
  4. One of the sons of Elam, and,
  5. One of the sons of Zattu, who had taken strange wives. (Ezra 10:26,27) (B.C. 459.)
  6. The name which appears in the same list as "and RAMOTH," ver. 29.


  1. Son or descendant of Bela. (1 Chronicles 7:7) He is perhaps the same as
  2. who joined David at Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:5) (B.C. 1055.)
  3. A son of Beecher, (1 Chronicles 7:8) and head of a Benjamite house.
  4. Son of Mushi, the son of Merari. (1 Chronicles 24:30)
  5. Son of Heman, head of fifteenth ward of musicians. (1 Chronicles 25:4,22) (B.C. 1014.)
  6. Son of Zariel, ruler of the tribe of Naphtali in the reign of David. (1 Chronicles 27:19)
  7. Son of King David, whose daughter Mahalath was one of the wives of Rehoboam, her cousin Abihail being the other. (2 Chronicles 11:18) (B.C. before 1014.)
  8. A Levite in the reign of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 31:13) (B.C. 726.)


JEREMOTH - jer'-e-moth ((a) yeremoth and (b) yeremowth, (c) yerimowth, meaning unknown): Of the following (1) has form (b), (5) the form (c), the rest (a).

(1) In 1 Ch 7:8 (the King James Version "Jerimoth"), and

(2) In 1 Ch 8:14, Benjamites. Compare JEROHAM, (2).

(3) In 1 Ch 23:23, and (4) in 1 Ch 25:22 = "Jerimoth," 24:30; heads of Levitical houses.

(5) A Naphtalite, one of David's tribal princes (1 Ch 27:19); the King James Version "Jerimoth."

(6) (7) (8) Men who had married foreign wives. In Ezr 10:26 (="Hieremoth," 1 Esdras 9:27); Ezr 10:27 (="Jarimoth," 1 Esdras 9:28); Ezr 10:29 (="Hieremoth," 1 Esdras 9:30); the Qere of the last is weramoth, "and Ramoth"; so the Revised Version margin, the King James Version.

David Francis Roberts


JERIMOTH - jer'-i-moth (see JEREMOTH, (c)):

(1) A Benjamite (1 Ch 7:7).

(2) A Benjamite who joined David at Ziklag, or perhaps a Judean (1 Ch 12:5 (Hebrew 6)).

(3) In 1 Ch 24:30 = JEREMOTH, (4) (which see).

(4) A Levite musician in David's time (1 Ch 25:4).

(5) Son of David and father of Mahalath, Rehoboam's wife (2 Ch 11:18). He is not mentioned (2 Sam 3:2-5; 5:14-16; 1 Ch 3:1-9; 14:4-7) among the sons of David's wives, so Curtis (Ch, 369) thinks that he was either the son of a concubine, or possibly the name is a corruption of "Ithream" (yithre`am, 1 Ch 3:3).

(6) A Levite overseer in Hezekiah's time (2 Ch 31:13).

David Francis Roberts


RAMOTH (1) - ra'-moth:

(1) ra'moth; he Rhamoth: A city in the territory of Issachar assigned to the Gershonite Levitea (1 Ch 6:73), mentioned between Daberath and Anem. It seems to correspond to "Remeth" in Josh 19:21, and to "Jarmuth" in 21:29, and is possibly identical with er-Rameh about 11 miles Southwest of Jenin.

(2) Ramoth of the South.

See RAMAH, (5).

(3) Ramoth in Gilead.



RAMOTH (2) - ra'-moth (ramoth, Qere for yeremoth (Ezr 10:29 the King James Version); the Revised Version margin Kethibh makes the name similar to those in Ezr 10:26,27): One of the offenders in the matter of foreign marriages. The English Revised Version and the American Standard Revised Version, adopting Kethibh, read JEREMOTH (which see).


RAMOTH (3) - (Job 28:18 King James Version margin).


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