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Ramathaim Zophim

In Bible versions:

Ramathaim Zophim: NET
Ramathaim-Zophim: AVS TEV
Ramathaim Zuphim: NIV
Ramathaim-zophim: NRSV NASB
a town of Ephraim 10 km SE of Aphek, and 25 km east of Joppa

the two watch-towers
Google Maps: Ramathaim-zophim (31° 49´, 35° 10´)


Strongs #07436: Mypwu Mytmr Ramathayim Tsowphiym

Ramathaim-zophim = "double height of the watchers"

1) the home place of Samuel located in the hill country of Ephraim
1a) the same as 07414

7436 Ramathayim Tsow-phiym raw-maw-thah'-yim tso-feem'

from the dual of 7413 and the plural of the active participle
of 6822; double height of watchers; Ramathajim-Tsophim, a
place in Palestine:-Ramathaimzophim.
see HEBREW for 07413
see HEBREW for 06822

Ramathaim-zophim [EBD]

the two heights of the Zophites or of the watchers (only in 1 Sam. 1:1), "in the land of Zuph" (9:5). Ramathaim is another name for Ramah (4).

One of the Levitical families descended from Kohath, that of Zuph or Zophai (1 Chr. 6:26, 35), had a district assigned to them in Ephraim, which from this circumstance was called "the land of Zuph," and hence the name of the town, "Zophim." It was the birth-place of Samuel and the seat of his authority (1 Sam. 2:11; 7:17). It is frequently mentioned in the history of that prophet and of David (15:34; 16:13; 19:18-23). Here Samuel died and was buried (25:1).

This town has been identified with the modern Neby Samwil ("the prophet Samuel"), about 4 or 5 miles north-west of Jerusalem. But there is no certainty as to its precise locality. Some have supposed that it may be identical with Arimathea of the New Testament. (See MIZPAH).

Ramathaim-zophim [NAVE]

See: Ramah, 4.


RAMATHAIM-ZOPHIM - ra-ma-tha'-im-zo'-fim.

See RAMAH, (4).

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