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HEBREW: 7434 hpumh tmr Ramath ham-Mitspeh
NAVE: Ramath-mizpeh
EBD: Ramath-mizpeh
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Ramath Mizpah

In Bible versions:

Ramath Mizpah: NET NIV
Ramath-Mizpeh: AVS TEV
Ramath-mizpeh: NRSV NASB
a town on the border of the territory of Gad

elevation of the watch-tower
Google Maps: Ramath-mizpeh (32° 33´, 36° 0´)


Strongs #07434: hpumh tmr Ramath ham-Mitspeh

Ramath-mizpeh = "high place of the watch tower"

1) a place in Gilead on the northern border of Gad

7434 Ramath ham-Mits-peh raw-math' ham-mits-peh'

from 7413 and 4707 with the article interpolated; height of
the watch-tower; Ramath-ham- Mitspeh, a place in
see HEBREW for 07413
see HEBREW for 04707

Ramath-mizpeh [EBD]

the height of Mizpeh or of the watch-tower (Josh. 13:26), a place mentioned as one of the limits of Gad. There were two Mizpehs on the east of the Jordan. This was the Mizpeh where Jacob and Laban made a covenant, "Mizpeh of Gilead," called also Galeed and Jegar-sahadutha. It has been identified with the modern es-Salt, where the roads from Jericho and from Shechem to Damascus unite, about 25 miles east of the Jordan and 13 south of the Jabbok.

Ramath-mizpeh [NAVE]

RAMATH-MIZPEH, a town in Gad, Josh. 13:26.


RAMATH-MIZPEH - ra'-math-miz'-pe (ramath ha-mitspeh; Codex Vaticanus Araboth kata ten Massepha, Codex Alexandrinus Ramoth kata ten Maspha: A place mentioned in Josh 13:26 in a statement of the boundary of Gad, between Heshbon and Betonim. It may possibly be identical with MIZPAH, (1).

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