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PRESENCE - prez'-ens: In the Old Testament nearly always the rendition of panim, "face" (Gen 3:8; Ex 33:14 f; Ps 95:2; Isa 63:9, etc.); occasionally of `ayin, "eye" (Gen 23:11; Dt 25:9; Jer 28:1,11, etc.); and in 1 Ki 8:22; Prov 14:7, "the presence of" represents the preposition neghedh, "before"; compare also Aramaic qodham, in Dan 2:27 the King James Version (the Revised Version (British and American) "before"). In Greek, "presence" has an exact equivalent in parousia, but this word is rendered "presence" only in 2 Cor 10:10; Phil 2:12; the Revised Version (British and American); Phil 1:26 (the King James Version "coming"). Elsewhere parousia is rendered "coming," but always with "presence" in the margin. Otherwise in the New Testament "presence" represents no particular word but is introduced where it seems to suit the context (compare e.g. Acts 3:13 the King James Version and Acts 3:19).


Burton Scott Easton

Also see definition of "Presence" in Word Study

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